Apparel SEO ROI

Apparel companies ranked ranked #13 in our list of highest ROI industries for which we performed SEO campaigns between 2015 and 2017. During that 3 year period, companies in the clothing industry gained $1.6M / year in net revenue, on average, directly from their SEO campaigns. The companies we’re including in this category are both domestic (within the U.S.) and international brands. Our campaigns with apparel companies typically targeted one of two groups: either retail buyers or consumers directly. Some clients targeted both through separate labels.

The strategy we used to attract clients for apparel companies revolved around creating landing pages for precise, long-tail clothing searches (e.g. soft pocket tees), ensuring that we include transactional keywords such as “manufacturer” or “wholesale” in the title of the pages. On the B2C side, we had a lot of success doing interviews with micro-celebrities who were fans of the clothing line. We also did extensive marketing to our target audience though Facebook ads. Overall, we maintained a thought leadership strategy for both audiences, which you can read about here.


Organic Traffic Growth

Other relevant SEO stats for apparel manufacturing companies:

  • Average bounce rate: 34%
  • Average time on site: 3:50
  • Landing page conversion rate2: 2.4%

1 ROI is calculated by taking new revenue directly attributable to our organic SEO campaign within the 3 year period (including revenue from new customers’ referrals and upsells), then subtracting marketing costs and estimated COGS + overhead allocation. We used a 3 year period to account for longer sales cycles and the typical time frame required to see an accurate return from an organic SEO campaign. The last 2 quarters of 2017 are projected.

2 Conversion rate refers to the percentage of new SEO visitors who convert to a sales lead within 30 days of landing on the client’s website from a Google search results page