Computer Product Manufacturing SEO ROI

Companies that specialize in computer products and accessories — from the internal, like semiconductors, integrated circuits, and transistors, to the external, like video conferencing equipment — ranked in our top 10 highest ROI of all our client groups between 2015 and 2017, with $2.2M / year in new net revenue directly resulting from SEO. Our clients who were selling computer chips components tended to target a very small audience of decision makers at major device manufacturers and chip makers in Silicon Valley and other tech centers, such as Google, Microsoft, Qualcomm, and Samsung.

For these clients, our SEO strategy was thought leadership centered around insightful blog articles that discuss technology trends (supplemented by social media marketing), as well as industry forecasts and annual reports. Often the goal of the campaign was less about reaching brand new clients and more about ensuring that our manufacturer was top of mind and considered a thought leader. That way, when it was time to make a buying decision, our client had a greater likelihood of being selected. You can read more about our thought leadership strategy here.


Organic Traffic Growth

Other relevant SEO stats for computer component manufacturers:

  • Average bounce rate: 30%
  • Average time on site: 4:01
  • Landing page conversion rate2: 1.1%

1 ROI is calculated by taking new revenue directly attributable to our organic SEO campaign within the 3 year period (including revenue from new customers’ referrals and upsells), then subtracting marketing costs and estimated COGS + overhead allocation. We used a 3 year period to account for longer sales cycles and the typical time frame required to see an accurate return from an organic SEO campaign. The last 2 quarters of 2017 are projected.

2 Conversion rate refers to the percentage of new SEO visitors who convert to a sales lead within 30 days of landing on the client’s website from a Google search results page