Construction Product Company SEO ROI

Companies that produce, distribute, and sell construction products ranked on our list of top 20 highest ROIs for all the SEO campaigns we ran between 2015 and 2017. In that time period, the average new net revenue that construction product companies brought in was $1.1M / year, representing an ROI of 947% on their spend. The clients we’ve worked with in the construction products space produce a variety of products for use in residential, commercial, and industrial settings, from stair parts to waterproofing products to acoustic construction materials. Our audience mainly included contractors, architects, designers, building owners and associations, and the occasional DIY homeowner.

Our strategy tended to rely heavily on thought leadership content such as geo-targeted landing pages targeting transactional search terms, blog entries addressing common issues that contractors find themselves in when executing a project, and (in the case of interior building products) FAQ pages answering common design questions. You can read about our thought leadership SEO service here.


Organic Traffic Growth

Other relevant SEO stats for construction product companies:

  • Average bounce rate: 40%
  • Average time on site: 3:18
  • Landing page conversion rate2: 1.7%

1 ROI is calculated by taking new revenue directly attributable to our organic SEO campaign within the 3 year period (including revenue from new customers’ referrals and upsells), then subtracting marketing costs and estimated COGS + overhead allocation. We used a 3 year period to account for longer sales cycles and the typical time frame required to see an accurate return from an organic SEO campaign. The last 2 quarters of 2017 are projected.

2 Conversion rate refers to the percentage of new SEO visitors who convert to a sales lead within 30 days of landing on the client’s website from a Google search results page