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Construction Services Leadership Content Marketing

Construction Services Thought Leadership is the practice of positioning your construction or contracting firm as the leader in its industry. Your company’s leadership is established through the production of best-in-class content about high level topics within the construction industry.

Clients have partnered with us to write about:

  • Leveraging big data to make the construction process leaner, simpler, and quicker
  • The prospect of recycling construction and demolition waste into fuel
  • Construction leadership: what traits do all the executives of the top companies in the industry have in common
  • The global importance of sustainable construction
  • The cutting edge of construction technology
  • How advanced 3D modeling and virtual reality are changing construction careers


Construction is uniquely suited to thought leadership marketing because most firms in this field believe that their online presence isn’t important. Yet, even though most construction jobs are won through an RFP and bidding process, a company’s website is more important than you think.
To begin with, developers and government agencies are likely to look at your firm’s website at some point in the process of reviewing your proposal. If they see something basic, it may make little impression on them; but if they find a website that shows that the company is a leader in its field, has strong values, and has an impressive background working on recognizable properties, it could win their favor.

Also, decision makers are getting younger and in many cases they are using Google to look for firms that have a good reputation and track record. When that does happen, you definitely want your firm to be the one that stands out from competitors.
Our company specializes in creating thought leadership articles, reports, and graphics for construction and contracting firms.