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Financial Services Lead Generation Company

Financial services firms have perhaps the highest discrepancy of any industry between actual SEO value and perceived SEO value. Whereas most potential clients of a financial services company do research on Google when seeking advisors, banks, insurance, or other services, few financial service providers acknowledge this reality and choose to invest in SEO. The situation creates a phenomenal opportunity for those firms who do recognize the opportunity in SEO, particularly local firms who likely have very little competition in the SEO landscape.

Our SEO company, located in the SF Bay Area, has partnered with financial services firms for over a decade and seen some of the highest ROI of any sector we work with. Our experience ranges from enterprise-level banking institutions to loan origination platforms, regional wealth advisors, and large investment management firms (particularly those who specialize in real estate).

Our Financial SEO Service consists of ghostwriting thought leadership content for your firm’s website twice weekly, with each piece focusing on a keyword that a member of your target audience would search. The end result is that your website will rank for hundreds of valuable search terms that potential clients Google when thinking about engaging a firm like yours.

Financial services companies that we’ve provided SEO services for include:

Juile Fps

Clients have partnered with us to write

  • An annual report on the outlook for global wealth management, along with predictions for the coming year, aimed at the owners and executives of wealth management firms
  • A guide to 10b5-1 plans to help executives at public companies who are seeking to de-risk their concentrated stock positions
  • A landing page on student loan debt and whether it’s more advantageous to refinance or consolidate
  • An interview with the CEO of an asset management firm about intergenerational wealth transfer and how family offices help to facilitate it
  • A webinar on driving corporate performance for senior financial executives
  • A white paper on the case for CFOs taking on the CEO role in mid-sized businesses

Financial Services SEO ROI

In the past 36 months, Financial Services clients have been one of our highest ROI client groups, averaging $2.0M / year in new revenue from SEO directly attributable to our campaign.

The success we’ve seen in this industry is due to increasing numbers of decision-makers in both the consumer and B2B realm engaging in the following behaviors:

(a) Performing their own research prior to selecting a firm

(b) Googling the strategies and products mentioned on sales calls

(c) Seeking guidance from online communities as to the best way to select a financial services partner

It’s well known in the industry that when major decisions are made, they are backed by a personal or close professional referral, but financial services firms don’t often see that Google is also a part of the decision-making process. Sales leads often come in the form of questions sent to experts posting their insights on the Internet—which is exactly what your firm should be doing.

We’ve recently had success generating leads for our clients in the form of high net worth individuals; CFOs at midsize and enterprise-level companies; executives seeking financial products to make their businesses operate more efficiently; and donors to nonprofits seeking to bequeath a part of their estate to meaningful causes.

Below you can see the revenue-driving trajectory of one of our typical SEO campaigns.


Financial Services Roi

Other relevant SEO stats for Financial Services companies:

  • Average engagement rate: 76%
  • Average time on site: 00:04:56
  • Landing page conversion rate: 1.9%

Financial Services SEO: What to Expect

In our Financial Services SEO campaigns, we do the following:

  • Research your target audience, identifying personas within your prospective clients
  • Develop a keyword strategy that includes all of your most revenue-driving keywords
  • Perform a full technical SEO health check of your website, making any changes needed; as well as a competitor and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) analysis
  • Set up lead tracking, marketing attribution, and a shared reporting system on your website towards the larger goal of SEO automation
  • Once the aforementioned onboarding is complete, begin creating and publishing 2 pieces of thought leadership content on your website each week, complete with custom graphics
  • Meet weekly with your team to discuss changes to the editorial calendar and the previous week’s lead numbers
  • Handle complementary content-related activities including social media posting and sending out a topical monthly newsletter

If you’re interested in learning how we can help your firm increase its qualified leads and thought leadership status within the financial services industry, we’d love to hear from you.