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B2B SEO Services

While Thought Leadership is our flagship service, it’s not for everyone. You may already have an internal SEO or content marketing team, or be an early lifecycle company that isn’t yet ready to invest in long-term lead generation channels. Our SEO audit service will provide you with insights into your current SEO health, and actionable steps to improve your search rankings.

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A Deep Dive into Your Website

Our team starts by conducting a full review of your website in order to find any technical issues that may prevent your existing pages from ranking more highly. We will analyze your sitemap, mobile usability, and page speed, as well as your current meta titles and link status, and deliver a full report of our findings. We’ll also create a breakdown of technical issues on your website, including 404 errors, broken links, duplicate meta page titles, broken images, mixed content, and missing or duplicate meta descriptions.

We’ll order each issue and its solution in order of their importance, so your tech team can work on resolving the most impactful issues immediately.

Expert SEO Strategy

As in-depth as our technical review is, however, it’s not the star of the show. The true value of our audit is in how we apply our SEO strategy expertise. We’ll research your current keyword rankings, strategy, conversion optimization, and content quality. We will recommend new page titles, adjustments to current content, and new pages for you to create based on our findings. For each recommendation, we’ll fully explain our reasoning so you can continue to use our approach long after our audit is complete.

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Because our approach is based on the highly effective Hub & Spoke model, so we also recommend which keywords to act as your hubs, and provide recommendations for both new pages and updates to existing pages so you can fully implement this strategy. We’ll provide you with our analysis of each keyword’s search intent, and walk you through how you can use that analysis on your own. At the end of the day, our goal is to ensure your team is fully ready to not just implement our suggestions, but go beyond them.

Detailed Competitor Analysis

We don’t stop at just your website, we’ll also analyze the websites of your top competitors, and how they compare to yours. This includes an analysis of:

Landing Pages. More landing pages are better, so long as each page is high quality and does not reuse content.

Age of Domain. The longer a domain has been active, the more time it will have had to build trust with Google.

Domain Rating. This shows the relative “backlink popularity” of a website compared to all other websites in our database on a 100-point logarithmic scale. A higher domain rating indicates more high quality links.

Home Page Meta Page Title. A good home page meta title will target a highly relevant and valuable keyword and avoid keyword stuffing.

Top Performing Keywords. The keywords that a site has the best rankings for in Google search results. Better keyword targeting will result in higher positions for highly relevant keywords.

Number of Keywords. The total number of keywords that a site ranks for in the top 100 search results. More keywords indicate a more robust site that will rank in a larger number of searches.

Thought Leadership. The quality and frequency of thought leadership content posted on the site. Thought leadership content ranks more highly on Google and leads to higher conversions.

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