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Best SEO Agency in Seattle, WA

Seattle is home to some of the world’s leading technology companies, with many enterprises choosing to make their home in the Puget Sound region. Most Seattle SEO companies, however, are smaller boutique firms who lack the experience and resources to manage larger campaigns in competitive markets.

At First Page Sage, we’ve been providing SEO services to midsize and enterprise clients for over 12 years, helping multiple Seattle companies reach the first page of Google search results. Our approach leverages thought leadership content that builds trust with visitors while increasing your domain rating for high long-term ROI.

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The Leading SEO Firm in the US

We’re not just the largest dedicated SEO firm in Seattle, we’re also the largest in the entire US. Our success is a direct result of our clients’ success—our commitment to excellence in each campaign has propelled us to our current leadership role in the SEO industry.

ROI-First Approach

Our driving goal is to provide our clients with high return on their marketing spend. We view SERPs and organic traffic as only leading indicators; we know that for your investment to pay off you need actual leads that turn into closed sales.

Expert Thought Leadership

Most SEO uses run-of-the-mill blog content published two or three times a month, but this approach is no longer sufficient to rank highly with Google’s current algorithm. We work with industry experts to produce original thought leadership that not only ranks highly, but converts visitors to leads.

Omnichannel Content

The content we produce can be repurposed for your other marketing channels such as email and LinkedIn. We’ll identify opportunities to strategically repurpose content, increasing the efficiency of your entire marketing program.

Working with the Top Seattle SEO Agency

Our campaigns are built on our in-depth onboarding process that allows us to create an SEO strategy tailored to your exact audience and business goals. We first interview you and your team, determining who your most valuable audience is, and your competitive advantages that speak best to that audience’s pain points. Our strategists will then research the SEO landscape, learning how your website compares to those of your top competitors. Meanwhile, our tech team will analyze your site’s overall health, finding and resolving errors, and implementing technical SEO fixes to ensure your site ranks more quickly.

At the end of the onboarding period, our SEO strategists will have created a 12-month SEO strategy, built on the Hub and Spoke model, that lays out a publishing plan to target each keyword your customers actively search. Our content team will then produce original thought leadership content targeting each keyword and its search intent. After 4-6 months of publishing this content on your website twice weekly, we secure Google’s News Website Bonus leading to significant increases in your search rankings. By the end of an SEO campaign with us, your website will be your company’s most valuable source of new customers.

If you’d like to learn more about partnering with us for an SEO campaign, reach out and schedule a call. We’re always ready to learn more about your business over Zoom, or meet for coffee at Victrola.