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Based in the SF Bay Area, First Page Sage has over a decade of experience helping enterprises increase market share, launch new products, and grow their brands. Our clients come to us for help with:

Ghostwriting thought leadership content for technical products & services

Growing brand and managing reputation through SEO and content marketing

Producing articles, white papers, and case studies for cross-channel promotion

Our clients work with us long term because they see the ROI and results for themselves.

First Page Sage Enterprise SEO Consulting

Our first step with every client is to perform a full site audit. We look at:

Site Speed

Google punishes slow websites, and so do readers. We perform a full assessment of your website’s speed and identify how to improve it.


We look at technical SEO details like meta page titles and schema markups to make sure search engines—and customers—can discover your business.

Google Trust Level

We’ll find out where your enterprise stands currently and what we can do to elevate Google’s trust in you.

Keyword Rankings

We build a spreadsheet that details the keywords you want to rank for most, where you rank at the moment, and how we’re going to raise your score.

Conversion Optimization

We make sure that each page on your site leads to your ultimate goal—sales.

Site Cohesion

When customers can’t find the page they’re looking for, they’ll go to a different company. We make sure your entire site is cohesive, clear, and conversion oriented.

Once we truly understand your company and marketing goals, we develop a thought leadership content marketing program for you—one of the highest ROI forms of online marketing. Working with a subject matter expert, we publish 2+ thought leadership articles or landing pages on your website every week.

Enterprise Clients We’ve Helped Grow

When it comes to enterprise SEO, experience matters. In our 11 years in the industry, we’ve helped many companies of different sizes meet their goals. Some of our enterprise clients include:

The experience we’ve gained from working with top-tier firms have improved our offerings and increased our ability to deliver SEO success.

Enterprise SEO Case Studies

What does SEO success look like for your enterprise? Take a look at some case studies from our clients to see what First Page Sage can do for you.

We launched a key management and cryptography SaaS product, SmartKey for Equinix, the largest provider of IBX data center and colocation services. Through our content marketing program, the site achieved #1 rankings for dozens of valuable keywords such as “key management as a service” “hardware key management” and “cloud encryption key management.” Revenue increased by 43% during our campaign, largely driven by organic adoption of the new product. Its successful organic launch also earned it two major awards.

Logitech hired FPS to help them break into the video conferencing hardware market. We created a news website to position them as the industry leader and saw organic growth every month of the campaign for more than two years. Video Conferencing went on to become one of their highest-growth divisions, increasing its revenues 49% in the third quarter of our campaign.

First Page Sage worked with Dassault, a world leader in software for life sciences companies, for over 4 years, helping to grow one of their software lines to a far higher market share, such that it was acquired on two separate occasions during our campaign.

First Page Sage helped grow this skincare company’s revenue by over $300M between 2014 and 2017 through a thought leadership-based SEO program that more than septupled organic traffic to an already-popular website. A substantial portion of the revenue increase was attributable to the hundreds of new consultants we attracted via our consultant interview series, each of whom is a revenue driver for the company.

The case studies above describe just a few examples of the enterprise businesses we’ve helped grow with our SEO consulting and thought leadership marketing services. Our work has increased their Google rankings, generated new sales leads for them, and helped them launch new products and services.

If you’re interested in learning more about how First Page Sage can help your enterprise, contact us today. We’ll listen carefully to your needs, review your website, and design a personalized plan for success.

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