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Case Studies

Nothing speaks louder than the success we’ve achieved for our clients. In the below case studies, we describe the unique challenges we faced, the strategies we developed, and the results of our work.

Case Study #1: Cadence Design Systems

We began working with Cadence Design Systems, an enterprise-level electronics design automation (EDA) software provider. Their goal was to engage with design engineers through an SEO-driven content marketing campaign that focused on capturing the electronics design search space.

Over the next year, we worked closely with Cadence to create industry-leading thought leadership using a Hub & Spoke model, leading to a 934% increase in total keyword rankings; reducing their monthly cost-per-conversion; and record numbers of new subscribers, free trial requests, and user signups.

You can read the full case study to learn more about our work with Cadence, or get in touch if you’re interested in case studies about our work with other SaaS companies.

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Case Study #2: iGPS

iGPS manufactures and supplies reusable plastic pallets used in shipping and logistics. While their products offer weight, quality, and reusability advantages over traditional wooden pallets; we determined during our onboarding process that their potential customers often regarded pallet type as an afterthought. Accordingly, we chose to adopt customer education and increasing brand loyalty as two of our initial campaign goals. We then turned our attention to determining the core audience for this content. To optimize lead generation potential, we would target our content at decision makers in the shipping & logistics industry: CEOs, CFOs, and board members; as well as transport, operations, logistics, and warehouse managers. For each of these, we created a detailed customer persona that our writers would target their content toward.

During this initial planning period, our tech team analyzed their website’s current performance and technical SEO. We discovered key issues: slow site speeds, missing meta titles and schema, missing SSL certificate, poor conversion optimization, and a lack of thought leadership content. We determined the best course of action was to design a new website using the Hub & Spoke model. We created branded landing pages targeting the highest value Hub keywords that each target audience would search, each supported by blog posts targeting longtail spoke keywords. Each page and piece of content we created was highly conversion optimized, with curated internal links and CTAs to push visitors further down the conversion funnel. Within 2 years after launching the new site, our work has resulted in:

5x improvement in overall visitor-to-lead conversion rate

90,000 new users

368 first page keywords

230 leads worth approximately $15 million in lifetime value

You can read about our work with iGPS in more detail here. If you’d like to learn more about our B2B SEO work, reach out here.