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Our Process

SEO is a game with a few big winners.

The top 3 search results take 68% of visitors. The #1 search result receives 19x as many clicks as the top ad.

We help our clients dominate the search results and turn searchers into customers, transforming your SEO investment into real business results. Here’s how we do that:

We earn Google’s trust by creating the best piece of content on the web targeting the psychological intent behind the keyword.

We earn prospects’ trust by transforming your website into an informational hub for your customers’ problems and needs, making content easy to find and consume, and creating a customer-centric path to conversion.

The result: A steady stream of leads that are informed and ready for your sales team to close.

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The Elements of SEO

SEO is a complex undertaking. Well executed SEO consists of six elements:

  • We create a customized strategy tailored to your audience’s problems & desires, and the direction you’d like your company to grow.
  • Our backend team dives into your technical SEO, improving overall site health, page speed, security, and mobile usability.
  • We create a customized strategy tailored to your audience’s problems & desires, and the direction you’d like your company to grow.
  • We maintain a comprehensive editorial calendar that lays out each keyword we’re targeting and the schedule of deliverables.
  • Our team produces thought leadership content to the tune of 6-10 new conversion-optimized pages per month, published on your website.
  • Our reporting team tracks and analyzes results, making sure our work delivers real, measurable value for your business.

If you’re ready to learn more about how we can customize our services for your needs, reach out below:

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Campaign Timeline

Our typical campaigns last for 2-5 years. Here’s what the first year looks like:

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Our approach emphasizes ranking for the keywords with the most commercial value for your business, resulting in more conversions and higher lead quality.

This in-depth approach to SEO requires teamwork. Your dedicated SEO team will consist of:


An SEO strategist who will create a customized campaign strategy, perform keyword research, analyze search intent, and develop the framework on which your entire campaign will run.


Writers who will create in-depth, authoritative content that answers searchers’ questions and builds trust with your prospective customers.


An Editor to review content, ensuring it aligns with your’ brand and voice while following SEO best practices.

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Graphic artists to create original graphics, tables, charts, and illustrations that capture searcher attention and make your site stand out from those of your competitors.

web developers

Web developers to who will implement tracking systems, fix any technical issues, and monitor the technical health of your websites, including site speed, security, and mobile friendliness.

reporting specialist

A reporting specialist to monitor your campaign’s KPIs and leading indicators, synthetizing all relevant data into a single, readable report and ensuring we maintain steady positive progress for your website over the course of our partnership.

campaign manager

A campaign manager to serve as your dedicated project manager and main point of contact, handing scheduling and agenda creation, tracking action items, and ensuring timely completion of each deliverable.

Our Impact

By the end of a campaign, you can expect to see:

KPI Benchmark

Our Clients

To read about the results we’ve achieved in more depth, see our case studies on working with iGPS and with Cadence Design Systems.

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Our Link-Building Philosophy

Link building in 2023 is a matter of earning links naturally as opposed to engaging in dedicated link-building campaigns. Earning links naturally involves publishing original research, interesting ideas, compilations of data, or other link-worthy content. It often pairs with PR or other outreach campaigns to ensure that journalists and bloggers see that content.

Over the course of two major updates, first Panda in 2011, then Penguin in 2012, Google updated their algorithm to prioritize high quality, original content and penalize link buying, trading or baiting. The first of these updates, Panda, allowed Google to detect when the target of a link was unrelated to the content on the page, significantly reducing the relevance of link trading and guest posting. The second, Penguin, targeted link buying, penalizing domains with spammy backlinks.

Today, Google is clear that its overarching goal is connecting searchers with high quality content, which it judges in part based on genuinely-earned links.

What We Need From You

We handle 99% of your campaign so you can focus on operations and closing sales, but SEO is a team effort. To run a successful campaign, we ask that you:

  • Review deliverables and join a regular call with our team
  • Provide us with access to your marketing stack
  • Connect us with your branding resources, such as brand assets, marketing plans, and sales materials
  • Make time for our team to interview yours to dig deep into the unique competitive advantages your business offers
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