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Commercial Insurance Lead Generation Company

At First Page Sage, we specialize in generating leads for commercial & business insurance providers. Here’s what our service offers:

  • Generate Leads with SEO
    When business owners need to find a new insurance provider, they turn to Google. Making sure your name is at the top of the search results ensures a steady stream of leads.
  • Convert with Thought Leadership

    Insurance companies struggle to stand out from their competitors because few business owners understand what makes for a great provider. Thought leadership teaches your audience what to look for and why they should choose your firm, establishing trust and demonstrating your authority.

  • Understand ROI with Tracking & Attribution

    Our reporting specialists will work with your tech team to set up reporting systems that let you understand exactly how much return you get from your investment.

Commercial insurance firms that we’ve provided lead generation services for include:

Systematizing Insurance Lead Generation: Our Process

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Rather than simply hand you a list of cold leads, our approach is to build your website into a sustained lead generation system of its own. Our approach uses a combination of SEOThought Leadership, and conversion optimization to attract business decision makers, engage them with insightful content, and then convert them into sales leads. Here’s what our process looks like.

We first interview your team to understand exactly why your clients trust you to handle their insurance needs. We learn how they found your firm, and what makes you the top insurance provider in the market. We use this to develop a comprehensive lead generation strategy, centered around a Hub & Spoke content plan and a 12-month editorial calendar.

We’ll then launch the core of our lead generation campaign: developing lending pages, blog features, reports, and white papers that will turn your website into a trusted resource for your potential clients. Each of these will target a commercially valuable transactional keyword that is searched by business owners, COOs, and other decision makers who are actively looking for a new insurance provider for their company. Each page will be carefully tailored to encourage conversion, delivering a steady stream of leads directly to your sales team.

Our Lead Gen Results

Our work for clients in the commercial insurance industry has generated an average annual return of $1.7M in new, yet revenue over a 3 year period. This success can be attributed to the high level of trust inherent to high search rankings and original thought leadership, leading to shorter sales cycles and higher conversion rates.

Commercial Insurance Statistics: 

  • Average 3-Year ROI: 758%
  • Time to Break Even: 9 months
  • Lead-to-MQL Conversion Rate: 23%

Commercial Insurance ROI

Commercial Insurance Roi

*Average new revenue from SEO