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At First Page Sage,
our mission is clear:

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To achieve our mission, we abide by cultural values that inform every decision we make and every client we partner with:

  • We work together as one team, knowing that as a group we are far more powerful than as individuals, and that together, we can achieve great things.
  • Attracting valuable links that build your website’s Google Trust.
  • We strive to make each other’s lives easier and better, and consider the effect of all our actions on our fellow team members.
  • When we feel something is imperfect, we share our feelings in a constructive, solutions-oriented way so that the people around us have the chance to help us.
  • We are tolerant and accepting of each other, recognizing that we are all human and doing the best we can every day.
  • We act in a spirit of generosity toward each other.

As important as we know words are, it’s actions that matter.

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That’s why at First Page Sage, our all-remote team works constantly to build and maintain connections. This starts with a modern workplace that is welcoming, supportive, and replete with learning. Every new hire is paired with a mentor who helps show them the ropes, and we offer company and departmental trainings several times each month.

Individual professional development matters here, too. Our team is encouraged and supported in enhancing their knowledge through trainings and certification courses. We know that the talent and education of our incredible team translates directly into supporting our clients with ever-better SEO strategies and creative solutions that help set them apart from industry competitors.

What we do internally is mirrored by our impact externally. We seek out passionate, cause-oriented clients and provide them with truly impactful thought leadership content crafted by experts in the field.

To retain our talent, we offer benefits including our all-telecommute environment, healthy work-life balance, health and vision insurance, retirement plan matching, and a robust PTO package including several additional holidays each year.

And we value diversity and inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity, and experience. We have a zero tolerance policy for discrimination and discriminatory language, a bedrock of our safe and happy work environment. Our team is distributed all across the United States, and we believe our differences in experience—personal and professional—is what makes us stronger and richer partners to our clients as well as more creative writers and problem-solvers.

With this foundation of core values, First Page Sage strives to give back to our communities. Our company has thrived on the dedication and excellence of our team and our clients, and we believe it is essential to carry this forward into the greater community, actively sharing our knowledge and creativity to help make the internet—and potentially the world—a better-informed and more positive place. If that sounds good to you, we invite you to join our team, become our client, or read our blog to learn more.

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