Thought leadership.

The highest ROI form of marketing your company can engage in.

It’s the art of publishing insights your customers respect,
and we do it best.

Marketing with the highest return.

Thought Leadership marketing is the art of positioning your company as a leader in its field through best-in-class content.


By publishing articles, videos, research, or any other form of original content regularly, potential clients and members of your industry begin associating your brand with insightful ideas and regarding it as authoritative.


When the time comes to hire a company, yours is at the top of their mind.

Dominate your industry.

Increase sales leads, attract new talent, and elevate your brand image.

1. Personal

First Page Sage’s personalized SEO service employs 7 highly-skilled team members on your behalf.

2. Consistent

We publish 2-3 original thought leadership articles on your website every week.

3. Proactive

We then share your content on industry websites, building valuable links that raise your Google rankings.

4. Conversion-focused

As your traffic rises, we conversion-optimize your website to ensure that visitors convert into customers

Case studies, by industry.

Case Study: Automotive

Case Study: Automotive

This company, which sells one of the essential internal parts of a car, came to us when their sales were beginning to level out due to their limited ability to reach their target customers.

They knew their customers searched for the part they sell online, but had no idea how to get their website to show up first on search engines amidst all their competition. We did a 9 month test campaign with them to see if we could increase inbound sales leads. At the end of the period, they had increased traffic 8x to over 30,000 visitors per month and gotten a return of over $350,000 on their marketing spend. As our relationship continued over the years, they became the most heavily-trafficked site in their industry.

Case Study: Insurance

Case Study: Insurance

We met this client, a medium-sized insurance firm specializing in auto, home, and business insurance that has existed for over a century, at a time when they were experiencing a slowdown in business due to increasing competition. While it was certainly the case that more clients had entered their region in the previous decade, few of them were truly savvy in online search.

We saw an opportunity to replace lost business and then some with an SEO-based thought leadership campaign. Our trial period took place over one year, during which we were able to outrank 6 of the top 7 firms on the first page of Google. By analyzing the behavior of the thousands of new web visitors who were landing on the site, we were able to cause a significant number of them – 18% – to convert from browsers to customers. All told, hundreds of new customers resulted from the efforts and the firm has recovered well.

Case Study: Healthcare

Case Study: Healthcare

This client, a manufacturer & distributor of medical imaging equipment, hired us to help launch their new product. Over an 18 month period, we were tasked with creating thought leadership content that influenced the industry’s conversation about the need for this type of product, specifically why it would help hospitals to get better data and result in shorter patient stays.

By creating several pieces of content each week and distributing them to online journals, blogs, and information sources in the healthcare industry, we helped the company to get a steady flow of new, qualified visitors to their website during the first year and a half of the product’s life. By analyzing the visitor path of all new sessions, we were able to understand the behavior of new clients versus members of the media or other non-revenue generating sessions, tailoring the website experience specifically to decision makers at hospitals. With rising traffic and some key links from industry websites, the product launch was a tremendous success.

Case Study: Cloud Computing

Case Study: Cloud Computing

This client, which offers a SaaS solution for both businesses and consumers, was referred to us by a colleague in the same space. Their pain point was outranking competitors in such a crowded field and catching up with the two larger-than-life industry leaders.

We began by creating thought leadership on highly specific topics related to the issues that businesses and consumers typically worry about (uptime, customer service, privacy, and security), targeting those articles at decision makers and people with the strongest interest in the areas the company excelled at. By achieving high rankings in dozens of highly-searched but lesser-known niches, we triggered hundreds of new customers. One of our articles even reached a famous thought leader in the industry and his recommendation of our client resulted in a payload of publicity, credibility, and new accounts.


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  • I feel fully supported and confident in my business knowing I have First Page Sage to count on. The team is highly attentive to every detail, and it seems that absolutely nothing is overlooked. Most importantly, they get that my focus is on new revenue. Since I began working with them, they have gotten hundreds of new sales leads for my company.

    Joseph Mattia CEO, Addiction Treatment Research
  • Lots of people claim to understand SEO and how to drive and convert leads over the internet, but this is first time I have seen someone clearly implement a strategy that makes sense, and will work. Evan has already done it for himself, so he is the proof. If you are looking for the true expert in this industry, Evan is the real deal.

    Jim Hernandez CEO, Strategic Business Communications, Inc.
  • First Page Sage truly takes thought leadership to the next level. They have helped significantly grow our brand and audience by generating thousands of new visitors through organic traffic. Their account managers are remarkably responsive, adaptable and creative. Every aspect of our experience has exceeded our expectations!

    Perrine Mann Content and Communications Manager, iPoll
  • "I highly recommend First Page Sage to any company that wants to establish themselves as a thought leader in their space. The team at First Page Sage are real pros and wonderful to work with. They have helped us craft content that is meaningful and engaging to our customers and as a result, our Google search results have skyrocketed. "
    Peter Krimmel Chief Technology Officer, Vinfolio