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Healthcare Lead Generation Company

We have over 12 years of experience generating leads for healthcare companies. We’ve worked with a wide variety of businesses across the sector, ranging from medical device manufacturers, to pharmaceuticals companies, to consumer health services providers. Here’s how our service works.

  • We generate demand and attract visitors with SEO

    Not all of your future customers already know your name. We use SEO and keyword research to orient our lead generation strategy so that when a potential lead turns to Google for research, your website will be at the top of the list.
  • We convert and nurture leads with Thought Leadership

    When it comes to healthcare, everyone wants to know that they’re working with the best. Thought Leadership positions you as the leading company in your niche, and provides a steady stream of content for lead nurturing and sales enablement.
  • We ensure success through tracking and data-driven refinement

    Our web developers and reporting experts will work with your tech team to implement detailed tracking systems that ensure that our service results in actual ROI. We’ll use the data we collect to optimize our campaign, emphasizing what works and pivoting away from what doesn’t.

Healthcare companies that we’ve provided lead generation services for include:


How We Generate Leads for Healthcare Companies

First, we want to learn everything we can about your company and the healthcare products or services you offer. We begin by interviewing you and your top medical experts, learning exactly what sets you apart from your competitors. We learn exactly who buys your products, who uses your services, and what conditions and symptoms your company treats. We then take this knowledge and use it to create detailed personas that outline potential leads’ job titles, specialties, pain points, and specialties.

Once we know who your audience is, our next step is to develop a 12 month editorial calendar using the Hub & Spoke model that outlines exactly what content will lead to the most conversions and therefore generate the most leads for your healthcare firm. This calendar serves as the roadmap for our lead generation campaign, outlining which keywords are most highly searched by your potential customers, what type of content will speak best to their search intent, and exactly who those searchers are.

This brings us to the core of our campaign: producing thought leadership. Our writers and editors will take your experts’ insights and distill them into original content that showcases why your company is a healthcare leader. By publishing this content at least twice a week, we secure Google’s News Website bonus, rapidly increasing your search visibility and attracting new visitors to your website, and converting them into leads for your sales team.

Our Results

SEO results in excellent ROI for healthcare companies, averaging $1.9M per year in new, net revenue. Visitors that originate from organic search place higher trust on the healthcare providers they choose, leading to higher customer retention rates and high LTV.

Our Healthcare ROI Results

Healthcare Roi 2024

Our work for clients in the healthcare sector has generated an average annual return of $1.1M in new, yet revenue over a 3 year period. Our approach focuses on sustainable, long-term results and systematized lead generation, leading to high conversion rates and ROI that increases over the course of a campaign.

Healthcare Statistics: 

  • Average 3-Year ROI: 957%
  • Time to Break Even: 9 months
  • Lead-to-MQL Conversion Rate: 33%

If you’re ready to invest in sustainable lead generation for your healthcare company, reach out below to schedule a call.