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B2B SEO Services

SEO is consistently one of the highest-ROI B2B lead generation channels, and at First Page Sage, it’s our specialty. As a full service agency, we’ll handle every aspect of SEO, from keyword research to back-end optimizations to content creation, and we won’t be satisfied until we’ve built you a lead generation machine.

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SEO Begins in Onboarding

Our B2B SEO services begin with a solid understanding of your business. During our onboarding process, we’ll interview your team to learn how you stand out in your industry niche, research your customers and competitors, and perform a complete technical audit of your website. We’ll present our findings to you in a comprehensive report before we move into the next phase of the campaign: creating a keyword strategy tailored to your business

B2B Keyword Research & Strategy

Keywords are the bridge that connects searchers on Google with your website. We determine which keywords are actively being searched by your customers, and build out an editorial calendar that maps each keyword to its ideal page type based on its search intent. This calendar leads directly into the heart of our B2B SEO services: producing and publishing thought leadership content.


Industry-Leading Thought Leadership Content

High quality content is core to every successful SEO campaign. We work with subject matter experts to create original content that showcases your unique insights, and establishes your website as a key industry resource. Each piece of content is targeted to a highly-searched transactional keyword, meaning the visitors they bring will be ready-to-commit customers and clients for your products and services.

Reporting and Analytics

Throughout the entire onboarding and content creation process, our reporting team makes sure that the work we’re doing results in actual leads. We analyze leading indicators such as keyword rankings, new visitors, and engagement to make sure our campaign is on the right track. At the end of the day, however, we measure our success by the actual ROI we deliver. We’ll keep you in the loop throughout the whole process through weekly updates and a full report every quarter.

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Our Approach to B2B SEO

The way we approach B2B SEO is by aligning ourselves with both Google and your customers. Google wants to connect searchers with the best piece of content for their search. After all, great search results are why people use Google and not another search engine. To that end, Google constantly refines their algorithm to better understand both what a searcher’s true intent is, and how well each piece of content will satisfy it.

That’s why transactional keywords are so important. The idea is simple: when a searcher types these keywords in, they’re actively in the market for your products or services. In other words, the page that best serves their interest is one where they can buy your products or services—meaning the goals of you, the searcher, and Google are in complete harmony.

For an in-depth look at the results of our approach, read our case study on Cadence Design Systems.

Your B2B SEO Team

We pride ourselves on not just our SEO knowledge, but our ability to bring a team of experts together to create best-in-class content for your industry. Our teams consist of:

A Campaign Strategist to research your competitive landscape, research valuable keywords, and create the overall campaign strategy

A Writer who knows your business inside and out, and who will create authoritative content that leads conversation in your industry

An Editor to make sure that content is conversion optimized and aligned with your brand

A Graphic Designer to create engaging graphics that make your site stand out from the competition

A Web Developer to implement back-end updates, build out new landing pages, and integrate analytics into your site

A Reporting Specialist who will translate those analytics into actionable insights, and ensure that the campaign is headed in the right direction

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