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Cybersecurity Lead Generation Services

At First Page Sage, we have over 13 years of experience providing cybersecurity companies with industry leading lead generation services. We take a systematized approach that focuses on high-ROI organic leads, using SEO, Thought Leadership, and conversion optimization to turn clients’ websites into scalable lead generation machines.

  • Organic Lead Generation with SEO

    Google is the first place decision makers turn when looking for a new cybersecurity partner. When your company’s website is at the top of the search results, your firm will receive a steady stream of organic visitors, and with them, new leads.
  • Conversion Optimization

    Our team will created detailed personas of your most valuable customer types, allowing us to build a strategy that responds directly to your ideal audience’s needs.

  • Nurture Leads with Thought Leadership

    We ghostwrite original, expert-level cybersecurity content for your website that builds your reputation as an industry authority, and educates leads as to why you’re the best provider in the industry.

Cybersecurity companies that we’ve provided lead generation services for include:

Our Approach to Cybersecurity Lead Generation

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When we begin a new cybersecurity lead generation campaign, we first interview the experts at your company to understand exactly who your ideal customers are and what competitive advantages your services offer. Our strategists then create a customized lead generation strategy for your company that prioritizes SEO leads and high long-term ROI. This strategy lays out every highly searched transactional keyword that your prospective customers search, and which types of content—blog articles, landing pages, or specialized content like white papers or reports—will generate the most leads for your company.

We then move into the core practice of our lead generation services: creating thought leadership content for your website. Our writers will create in-depth articles for your website, each of which will be keyword and conversion optimized. At the end of a 12-month campaign, your website will be a reliable lead generation system, delivering a reliable stream of warm MQLs to your sales team.

Our Lead Gen Results

Our work for cybersecurity clients has generated an average annual return of $1.7M in new, yet revenue over a 3 year period. You can review our cybersecurity ROAS and lead generation statistics below:

Cybersecurity Lead Gen Statistics:

  • ROAS: 11.20
  • Time to Break Even: 11 months
  • Lead-to-MQL Conversion Rate: 31%

Cybersecurity ROI

Cybersecurity Seo Roi

*Average new revenue from SEO