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Construction Lead Generation Company

We have over 12 years of experience working with construction companies. We specialize in systematic lead generation through a combination of thought leadership and geotargeted SEO.

  • We bring in construction leads organically through SEO
    A place at the top of Google’s search results is one of the most effective ways to generate leads, and one that few firms in the construction industry take advantage of. Our approach turns your website into a lead generation system that runs in the background.
  • We use thought leadership to establish your authority

    We ghostwrite original content that includes articles, reports, and white papers that turn your website into a valued resource hub for building owners, stakeholders, and homeowners. This results in warmer leads, and lower CACs compared to other lead generation channels.

  • We ensure success through data-driven reporting

    One of the first things we do is work with your tech team to implement reporting and lead tracking systems. The data we collect guides our strategic decisions, ensuring campaign success and real ROI for your company.

Construction companies that we’ve provided lead generation services for include:

How We Generate Leads for Construction Companies


Our first priority when beginning a lead generation campaign is to understand your company as well as you do. We want to know exactly who your current clients are, where they’re located, and why they chose to work with your firm. We’ll use this knowledge to develop an SEO-based lead generation strategy, targeting the most highly-searched, transactional keywords that your potential clients are currently typing into Google.

For each of these keywords, our expert writers then work closely with our strategists to create the best piece of content available on the internet. This content has included a standard-setting series on multifamily construction amenities in Silicon Valley; in-depth guides on ensuring soft-story buildings comply with San Francisco’s earthquake retrofitting mandate; and a white paper on managing Chicago’s 14B Building Code, complete with phase diagrams, definitions, a timeline, and a list of fees building owners need to consider.

This approach is particularly suited to construction, where low SEO competition and highly geotargetable keywords combine to generate results more quickly than in many other industries. This in turn leads to the excellent results we’ve achieved, detailed below.

Our Results

Our work for clients in the construction industry has generated an average annual return of $1.1M in new, yet revenue over a 3 year period. Our approach focuses on sustainable, long-term results and systematized lead generation, leading to high conversion rates and ROI that increases over the course of a campaign.

Construction Statistics:

  • Average 3-Year ROI: 681%
  • Time to Break Even: 5 months
  • Lead-to-MQL Conversion Rate: 33%

Our clients have been approximately 25% B2C and 75% B2B, and have included commercial restoration contractors, civic architecture firms, and residential design-build firms.

Our Construction ROI Results

Construction Roi

*Average new revenue from SEO