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The Strategic SEO Plan

If you’re seeking access to a world-class SEO team to build your campaign strategy, choose your keywords, and lay out your order of tasks for the next 12 months, our Strategic SEO Plan is ideal for you.

During a 6 week period, we meet with your team weekly to:

  • Ascertain your brand voice, target audience, and personas so that our plan is as customized as possible
  • Hand-build a list of keywords that are optimized for lead generation
  • Map each keyword to a new or existing page on your website
  • Identify your website’s conversion paths towards the goal of improving conversion rates
  • Discuss any other SEO concerns you have and answer your questions

The resulting document will put your marketing team in the perfect position to manage an in-house team or vendor.

Here’s a preview of our Strategic SEO Plan:

keyword map graphic

Keyword Map

A spreadsheet containing your 50 most valuable keywords, rank-ordered by value & mapped to existing or new pages on your site. We thoughtfully hand-select all keywords for you.

Conversion Path Analysis

A visualization of the conversion paths on your website with leakage points called out. We offer well-tested suggestions & supply examples to flesh out our suggestions.

Conversion Path Analysis
Technical SEO assessment

Technical SEO Assessment

We ensure your site is using its full potential to rank highly, not just in site speed, mobile-friendliness, and security, but in terms of Google’s quality standards.

Success Roadmap

We tell you everything you need to do over the next 12 months to maximize your SEO-based lead generation, in chronological order, including benchmarks for each project.

The Strategic SEO Plan is priced at $15k. If interested, fill out this request for proposal.