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Manufacturing Lead Generation Services

At First Page Sage, we’ve been providing manufacturers with lead generation services for over 13 years. Our approach prioritizes your ROI, and uses a combination of SEOThought Leadership, and conversion optimization to build your website into a scalable lead generation machine.

Organic Lead Generation

Our approach to lead generation prioritizes SEO because Google is the first place decision makers turn when looking for a new manufacturer to work with. We ensure your website appears at the top of those search results, leading to a consistent source of low CPL leads.

Conversion Optimization

We work with you to identify your most valuable audiences, and optimize your website to ensure as many prospects as possible make it to your sales team.

Lead Nurturing

Our writing team will create fully original, authoritative manufacturing content for your website that will cement your reputation as the top manufacturer in your niche, leading to shorter sales cycles and lower CACs.

Manufacturers that we’ve provided lead generation services for include:

Our Approach to Manufacturing Generate Leads

Evan Fps

At the beginning of each manufacturing lead generation campaign, we first seek to understand exactly who your ideal customers are, and what competitive advantages lead them to choose your services over your competitors. We use this knowledge to build a custom lead generation strategy that prioritizes creating high long-term ROI through thought leadership and SEO. This strategy will lay out every transactional keyword that is actively searched by decision makers looking for a new manufacturer to work with, as well as which types of content—blog articles, landing pages, case studies, or specialized content like white papers or reports—will resonate most with them.

The main phase of our lead generation service is creating ghostwritten thought leadership content for your website. Our writers work with your experts to create original, industry leading articles for your website, each of which will be keyword and conversion optimized. At the end of a 12-month campaign, your website will be a reliable lead generation system, delivering a reliable stream of warm MQLs to your sales team.

Our Lead Gen Results

Our work for manufacturing clients has generated an average annual return of $1.7M in new, yet revenue over a 3 year period. You can review our manufacturing ROAS and lead generation statistics below:

Manufacturing Lead Gen Statistics:

  • ROAS: 9.50
  • Time to Break Even: 9 months
  • Lead-to-MQL Conversion Rate: 26%

If you’re ready to invest in turning your manufacturing company’s website into a lead generation system, reach out below to schedule a call.

Manufacturing ROI

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