Our Thought Leadership
Marketing Service

Our best-selling Thought Leadership Marketing Service
combines highly engaging thought leadership content
with the ROI-driven marketing power of SEO.

The Ultimate Lead Generation Strategy

Companies work with us for 2 reasons: to generate significant new revenue and to make their online presence dominant in their industry.


Original, insightful thought leadership content written by a subject matter expert recruited specifically for your campaign and published on your website twice each week


Capitalize on years of relationships with bloggers to procure backlinks from blogs, news websites, and journals (this element is essential to ranking on Google)


Analysis of your website’s success at converting customers in terms of it’s text, images, and overall look and feel, along with suggestions for improvement and implementation of proposed changes


Ongoing maintenance of the health of your website, including SEO, conversion optimization, and mobile responsiveness

Special Projects

Creation of unique content and highly-targeted landing pages that allow you to rank for the most lucrative terms in your industry


Strategy, advice, and ideas from a team of SEO & content experts, who get to know your brand and become an extension of your team

A Clear ROI

Monthly reports with traffic and conversion analytics to ensure a clear ROI

The Nitty Gritty

Our Thought Leadership SEO service begins with a kick-off call so that our teams can meet and we can establish the campaign’s goals. Afterwards, our team collaborates with yours to create a list of the main keywords we’ll be targeting. Simultaneously, we begin building a shared editorial calendar and sweeping through your website to perform our initial SEO Health Check.

Each week of the campaign, we publish several pieces of content. Frequently, they take the form of thought leadership articles on your company’s blog. (If you don’t have a blog, we’ll create and design it for you at no additional cost.) Other times, they are landing pages aimed at specific industries, locations, customer types or use cases. Every piece of content we produce goes through the hands of two editors, one focused on spelling and grammar, and the other focused on the key insights of the piece.

As the campaign progresses, our editors consult our database of bloggers and journalists to see if there are any natural connections between our content and the articles these members of the press are publishing. Our goal is to achieve backlinks, Google’s currency of trust. Over time, we tend to achieve even more links from bloggers naturally finding our articles on Google and referencing them on their websites.

In addition to publishing weekly content, we also engage in special projects that are meant to make an outsized impact, increasing Google’s trust of your website and bringing in a substantial number of new sales leads. Special projects can include Top 100 ranking lists, authoritative reports, research studies, white papers, and super landing pages.

Every month, we send you a report with your main KPI front and center (usually, this is new sales leads or new revenue) as well as many other interesting insights from your website’s analytics. In addition, every 3 months, we take a holistic look at your site’s progress and decide whether any strategic shifts are in order. Our success is judged solely by your success, as defined by you.

There are many intangible benefits to our Thought Leadership SEO program, including on-demand marketing consulting from our experts; strategic introductions to our other incredible clients; and speaking engagements, partnerships, and business development opportunities resulting from your new visibility. Over the last decade of executing these campaigns, we’ve observed that the benefits our clients receive extend far beyond the initial sales lead. For instance, customers we help to land end up becoming evangelists of the brand and referring dozens of other customers, or making introductions that lead to press, investments, and acquisitions.