Our Thought Leadership
Marketing Service

Our best-selling Thought Leadership Marketing Service
combines highly engaging thought leadership content
with the ROI-driven marketing power of SEO.

Quality Content

Original, insightful thought leadership content written by a subject matter expert recruited specifically for your campaign and published on your website 2-3 times per week.


Daily link outreach in order to procure backlinks from high quality blogs, news websites, and journals (this element is essential to ranking well on Google)


Professional conversion optimization services wherein we analyze the website’s copy, images, and overall look and feel in order to convert more users from visitors to customers


A full SEO bill of health check


The services of a dedicated Account Executive that you can speak with anytime


The creation of keyword-optimized landing pages when appropriate


Creative ideas and suggestions from our team regularly

A Clear ROI

Monthly reports with traffic and conversion analytics to ensure a clear ROI

The Nitty Gritty

The service, which runs for one year, begins with a kick-off call so that our teams can meet each other and we can begin to learn about your company in earnest. We want to understand your goals, your values, what wakes you up in the morning. After that call, we will either request from you or create ourselves a list of the keywords that you are looking to target in your campaign. We will also produce an editorial calendar that we’ll share with you throughout the campaign.

Each week, we publish several thought leadership pieces on your company’s blog. (If you don’t have one, we’ll create and design it for you at no additional cost.) The articles’ topics, titles, and key insights will have already been outlined for you on the shared editorial calendar, so if you want to give feedback, you can do so at any time. Every piece of content we produce goes through the hands of two editors, one focused on spelling and grammar, and the other focused on the key insights of the piece.

Simultaneously, a member of our link building team is reaching out to blogs, news websites, online journals, and resource websites within and surrounding your industry to attempt to procure backlinks on other websites. Our success rate at achieving links depends on how creative and interesting the content we publish has been.

Similar to a PR firm, we derive success from our charisma, the effectiveness of our pitch, and the appeal of the company we’re representing. We also post your articles on relevant social media sites. (This is more of an add-on than a key service, as we have found that the greatest ROI for all B2B businesses and many B2C businesses comes from organic Google traffic.)

Once we’re getting a good response to our outreach, new, highly targeted visitors start arriving on your website. By that point, we have already swept through your site, suggesting changes to ensure that those potential customers convert. Our job is only finished at the point when the phone is ringing and online form requests are coming in.

A key part of our campaign is our monthly analytics reports. Thought leadership has many intangible benefits such as better brand perception and a greater sense of pride from employees, but when combined with SEO, its benefits are both tangible and measurable. Our reports will show you increased organic and overall traffic, new links, and interesting insights about conversion we were able to glean based on that month’s data.