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San Francisco is a mecca for technological innovation—and your firm should expect that same caliber of work in its SEO company. Particularly if you’re in a competitive niche, the best way to generate leads is through a strategy that provides the best answer to every commercially valuable search query your target audience types in.

Based in the Bay Area, First Page Sage (FPS) has spent over a decade positioning Bay Area companies to dominate the Google search results. Here’s how our agency can deploy a carefully orchestrated SEO marketing strategy to help your firm achieve its lead generation and market visibility goals.

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Our Services

FPS combines thought leadership and SEO to produce content that raises Google’s trust of the site, increases rankings, and converts new customers. Our content also can be utilized across other marketing channels as well.

We employ a team approach to thought leadership marketing and SEO, assigning to every campaign:

  • An expert writer
  • A thought leadership editor
  • An SEO consultant
  • A graphic designer
  • A conversion optimizer
  • An analytics & reporting specialist

With every aspect of a successful campaign covered, we learn about your business and ghostwrite articles and landing pages for you each week, driving leads, analyzing their conversion path through your site, and discussing the data with you on weekly calls.

Our clients are typically midsized to large businesses who require highly niche or technical writing that is hard to achieve in-house and can be tricky to recruit. By genuinely being able to ghostwrite for your brand, we become a valuable arm of your marketing team.

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The details of how we execute your campaign will vary depending on your particular goals and challenges, but here is an overview of our services:

Technical SEO:

One of the first things First Page Sage does with a new client is complete a full site audit. We’ll check elements such as site speed, meta page titles, user friendliness, and schema markups. Then, we’ll identify the technical SEO measures we can take to improve any concerns and optimize your site.

Thought Leadership Content:

When you’re responsible for driving qualified traffic, you also need to be able to Thought leadership content creation is the type of online marketing that brings in the highest ROI. Our experienced writers create a combination of blog articles and landing pages that target valuable, conversion-focused keywords. By posting the highest level of content at least twice per week, we cause your site to rank for the keywords your audience types in when doing high-value research or seeking to purchase products or services like yours.

Conversion Optimization:

When you’re responsible for driving qualified traffic, you also need to be able to turn visitors into buyers. We dive into the analytics behind your site, producing reports that guide our strategy moving forward so we can progress visitors through the sales funnel. With conversion-oriented calls-to-action, we help you achieve more sales.

Reputation Management

In the era of Google’s dominance, it’s critical to control your brand’s reputation. FPS can standardize the presentation of your brand across multiple sites and social media platforms. In addition, we can respond to negative press, reviews or comments with diplomatic empathy and tact to ensure that your audience is not swayed by false information about your business.

SEO marketing is a process that gets smarter over time. We work to continually update and refine our strategy based on your engagement and conversion data, as well as Google’s algorithm shifts. We use the latest SEO knowledge and tools to ensure your Bay Area business maintains a strong, positive online presence.

What Makes Us the Best SEO Company in San Francisco?

We take a deeply personalized approach to SEO, treating each client as if they were our only client. We take our time learning about your website, conversion, and reporting challenges so we can get the best results while accurately reflecting your brand. And we take care of all the small campaign management stuff so your firm can focus on other aspects of its business.

We also take pride in our writing. We feel it should set the standard for the conversation around that topic, and that each page we create should be the definitive one targeting a given keyword.

There’s also the fact that we’re the largest SEO firm in the U.S. While that’s not appealing in and of itself, it speaks to our high customer retention levels and the number of clients that refer us to companies they know, which is the chief driver of our business.


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Our clients are busy leaders who don’t have the time or immediately available resources to execute an effective SEO marketing campaign in-house. That’s where we come in: we’re a complete SEO and thought leadership content solution that fits within your budget and helps you to exceed your KPIs. First Page Sage can handle everything from a full site audit to thought leadership content generation to analytics to position you as a top authority within your industry.

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