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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Statistics 2024

Conversion Rate Statistics

This compendium of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) statistics comes from data collected between 2016 and 2021 from 86 clients of our marketing agency

Here is the makeup of our dataset so that you can determine how representative it is for a company like yours:

The statistical categories we’ve chosen to segment or data by are:

  1. Traffic-to-Lead Conversion Rate by Channel
  2. Conversion Rate by Call-to-Action (CTA) Type
  3. Highest Converting Conversion Funnels

Traffic-to-Lead Conversion Rate by Channel

Below are the conversion rates companies in our data set saw, segment by marketing channel. In this context, conversion rate is defined as the percentage of website visitors that converted into a non-spam lead (one step prior to becoming an MQL).

Conversion Rate by Marketing Channel

ChannelConversion Rate
Thought Leadership SEO 2.1%
Google Ads (PPC)0.7%
Facebook Ads1.1%
LinkedIn Ads.8%
LinkedIn Organic2.2%
Email Marketing1.3%

Conversion Rate by CTA

In the following table, we share average conversion rate for the most common call-to-action (CTA) styles and goals / actions.  

Conversion Rate by CTA Style

CTA StyleConversion Rate
Persistent Header.2%
Screen takeover2.4%
Side of Page.7%
Middle of Page.8%
End of article.5%

Conversion Rate by CTA Goal

CTA TypeConversion Rate
Newsletter Subscribe.8%
White Paper Download1.6%
Free Trial / Demo.9%
Contact Sales.6%

Highest Converting Conversion Funnels

Below, we share the highest conversion rate funnels for both organic and inorganic channels.

Top 5 Organic Conversion Funnels by Conversion Rate

FunnelConversion Rate
1Service Landing Page → Features Landing Page  → Lead1.5%
2Problem/Solution Blog Post → Service Landing Page → Lead1.4%
3Industry Landing Page → About Page → Services Page → Lead1.0%
4Blog Article → White Paper Download1.6%
5Blog Article → Blog Article → Case Study → Newsletter Signup1.1%

Top 5 Inorganic Conversion Funnels by Conversion Rate

FunnelConversion Rate
1Google Ad → Service Page → Lead1.1%
2Google Ad → Product Page → Purchase0.9%
3LinkedIn Ad → Blog Entry → About Page → Lead0.7%
4Google Ad → Blog Entry → Service Page → Lead0.6%
5Facebook Ad → Product Page → Purchase0.5%

Next Steps & Further Reading

We hope this compendium helps you make more informed decisions around your CRO and broader marketing investments. If you would like to order a pdf copy of this report or contact our firm, click here.

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