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Medical Device SEO Services

Two major problems that inventors, manufacturers, and suppliers of medical devices all face are ensuring customers are aware of new products and educating purchasing agents in order to form committed partnerships with them. We’ve been helping medical device companies solve both these problems for more than a decade, using thought leadership-based SEO services to generate qualified leads in hospital ORs, outpatient and ambulatory surgery centers, and private practices throughout the US.

Our practice marries the science behind your research, design, and development with the art of positioning your company as a leader in your field. Our thought leadership marketing service is more a system than a service, creating a long-term, sustainable leads pipeline. Our team of experts take pride in crafting insightful content that ensures you reach your customers in effective and engaging ways, whether your products are innovative pacemakers and aortic stents, prosthetic limbs, or educational bone models used in medical schools.

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Medical Device Companies have partnered with us to create

  • An online compendium of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)
  • Resource hubs on managing prescription drug addictions such as Xanax, Ativan, and Adderall
  • A series of problem and solution pages covering commonly-searched issues (e.g. “anesthesia machine ventilator failure”)
  • Clinic-ready infographics on synaptic pruning, the mesolimbic dopamine system, and mindfulness-based relapse prevention
  • White papers on technology trends and groundbreaking outcomes in our clients’ medical fields
  • pillar page on neuroplasticity and drug addiction

Every week, we write two pieces of thought leadership content that target valuable transactional keywords. Our subject matter experts ensure that each piece of content we produce is engaging to your audience, presents original insights, and establishes your credibility with Google. Each article reflects your approach to product development, design, and distribution, and works to cement your standing in the eyes of key purchasers at hospitals, private practices, and medical labs.

Medical Device SEO ROI

Medical device companies are consistently among our clients with the best ROI for SEO services, averaging $2.4M / year in new, net revenue. We’ve partnered with companies that specialize in a wide variety of devices and equipment, from heart monitoring devices and anesthesia machines to veterinary equipment and small batch prototyping services.

Our customer-focused onboarding process puts you and your goals first. We’ll discuss your offerings—now in the future—and work to truly understand your approach, target audience, and key competitors. We’ll learn what makes you unique, adopt your voice, and use our insights to launch a year-long campaign dedicated to positioning you as the thought leader in your field.


Medical Device Roi

Other relevant SEO stats for Medical Device Companies:

  • Average engagement rate: 65%
  • Average time on site: 00:03:58
  • Landing page conversion rate: 3.1%

Partnering with First Page Sage for Medical Device SEO Services

First Page Sage is unique among online marketing agencies because content marketing is our sole focus. The Thought Leadership SEO campaign we develop for each client is unique to their business—and goals. Our deep subject matter expertise allows us to engage readers, establish authority, and convert visitors to leads. Our data-driven approach is built upon a rich understanding of how your products can solve your client’s problems. Our process looks like this:


  • Conduct a detailed review of your target audience, ideal clientele, and major competitors.
  • Develop a data-driven keyword strategy to facilitate conversions.
  • Assess your site’s overall health, make updates and improvements as needed, then conduct a Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) analysis.
  • Implement reporting and data analytics systems and begin tracking clicks and conversions from all of your marketing channels.

Ongoing Campaign

  • Produce and publish 2 pieces of thought leadership content each week.
  • Consult with you on your campaign progress, outcomes, and leads.
  • Identify and offer opportunities to capitalize on our content in other marketing channels, including social and email.
  • Generate a monthly report on KPIs, and quarterly report on metrics such as user engagement, conversions, and rankings.

If you’re ready to use thought leadership to create connections with new clients, contact us to learn more about our experience working with medical device companies.