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If you are seeking a content marketing agency that is able to handle branded, technical ghostwriting in complex B2B industries, you’re in the right place. First Page Sage is one of the highest-ROI B2B content marketing agencies in the United States. Our systematic approach transforms our clients into thought leaders and puts their content in the hands of qualified sales leads. Here’s how it works:

  • Insightful Blog Articles

    B2B sales can take months to convert. Keeping prospects engaged in meaningful dialogue is essential. Our team keeps itself apprised of the subjects that are most important to your customers, turning them into blog articles replete with analysis.

    We are able to write about your industry exceptionally well because of our model, which involves recruiting subject matter experts from each client’s industry.

  • Landing Page Creation.

    We research, write, and publish keyword-driven pages, establishing your site as a thought leader and providing hundreds of entry points for potential buyers. Our content acts as a lead magnet, driving new customers through SEO.

  • Thought Leadership Content

    Longer content works well for potential clients that are earlier on in the marketing funnel, still in the research and comparison stage.

    With our expertise on your industry and company, we’re able to create white papers, e-books, case studies, and research reports for you, positioning your company as a leader in your field. We then use these pieces to grow your subscriber list and populate social media.

First Page Sage succeeds with complex B2B firms in particular because of our obsession with excellence. Great original content creates value for both prospective clients and the industry at large, which is a win-win-win for you, your customers, and the marketing channels that distribute your content (e.g. Google or LinkedIn).

Our B2B Content Marketing Services

Partnering with First Page Sage means publishing a steady stream of journalist-quality writing that appeals to high level decision makers by targeting the keywords they’re most likely to search. We are the B2B content marketing agency of choice for businesses seeking to:

Dominate Your Industry.

We’ve been innovating for more than a decade, building and maintaining high-performing websites and transforming our clients’ leads pipelines.

We use subject matter experts to transform your website into a niche news site. Targeting the most valuable keywords, we put your insights in front of the searchers most likely to need your services. And we build you a system that’s ready to scale, systematizing your SEO to consistently bring in new leads.

Project Your Unique Value Proposition

Being the best is a good start. But to stand out in crowded fields, B2B companies need to be more than that—they also need their customers to recognize them as such.

By continuously anticipating customer pain points and writing content that proactively responds to those needs, First Page Sage uniquely positions your company not only as a top solutions provider, but also as thought leaders. We understand your conversion funnel and conduct a full competitive analysis, offering you a clear picture of strengths and opportunities to improve your current content strategy.

Focus On The Most Efficient Content Types

First Page Sage has assessed and ranked every type of content in terms of production cost, time, longevity, and ROI. We bring that expertise to your campaign by focusing on the content types with the highest returns.

We also know that the value of content varies by industry, so we can help you identify where to invest your marketing spend: from blogs and landing pages, to white papers and newsletters. Based on your specific industry and business needs, we create the best high-ROI content for you, then track views and conversions to continuously refine our strategy.

Convert More Traffic Into Qualified Leads

The best content marketing appeals to customers at every stage of the B2B marketing funnel, converting visitors to clients quickly and effectively.

Our strategic approach ensures we produce content that starts conversations, builds connections, invites contact, leads to working relationships, and convinces decision-makers to partner with you.

Work with the Top B2B Content Marketing Agency

Businesses decide to outsource B2B content to fill gaps in time, personnel, skill sets, technology, and budget. Working with a content house puts your digital marketing on auto-pilot, freeing your team to focus on organizational excellence, creative campaign development, and closing sales. First Page Sage has produced fascinating, share-worthy content for 100+ enterprise and midsize B2B companies such as:

Company insiders know their industry best, which is why we partner closely with an internal point person to develop content that demonstrates your unique expertise. Our team not only writes from the perspective of an industry expert, but also uses SEO principles to position your content on the first page of search results for your industry’s most competitive keywords. We are fully accountable, measuring performance to provide you with the peace of mind and ROI you need to track exactly how well your marketing spend is used.

First Page Sage Helps B2B Companies Achieve Content Excellence

We provide clear ROI for your investment. It’s not just 500 or 1,000 words you’re investing in: it’s a place in the minds of your clients. It’s an engine of efficiency that supports your core business efforts. And it’s a long-lasting legacy built upon solid SEO principles that will continue to bring you business for years to come.

Contact us to learn more about outsourcing your B2B content marketing.

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