Marketing Analytics Statistics

First Page Sage maintains a free database of our proprietary research and statistics. Please select a report below.

Digital Marketing Statistics

In this report,  we provide an overview of the ROI, ROAS, and time to break even of each digital marketing channel.

This report further segments our conversion rate data by business type and shares the 3 highest conversion rate channels for each industry.

Here, we share the lead-to-MQL conversion rate benchmarks in 15 industries, as well as the lead-to-MQL conversion rate for each marketing channel and page type.

In this report, we share benchmarks and ROI statistics for organic LinkedIn campaigns.

In this report, we share our data on average session duration drawn from our work with 170 companies across more than 50 industries. Our data pool consists of ~23% B2C and ~77% B2B clients, all of which were actively investing in revenue growth.

This report breaks down the expected 3-year average ROI for each industry, as well as the types of content that are most successful for that industry.

This report includes offline channels such as public speaking, direct mail, and trade shows in addition to digital marketing channels.

Here, we break down customer acquisition costs by channel for both B2B and B2C companies.

In this report, we provide digital marketing benchmarks for each metric listed above, segmented by industry, explain what each tells you about your campaign, and offer solutions to improve should one be lagging.

In this report, we share our data on average cost per lead for 30 industries, broken out by paid vs organic.

This report provides an overview on conversion rates by channel, CTA style and goal, and the highest converting conversion funnels.

This report organizes our conversion rate data by the 8 traffic sources in Google Analytics.

This report provides average customer lifetime value (LTV or CLV) benchmarks for services companies, as well as average revenue per customer (ARPC), customer lifetime revenue, and our analysis on optimizing LTV-to-CAC ratios.

In this report, we share industry-segmented clickthrough rate benchmarks for Google ads as well as the top 3 organic search positions.

SEO Statistics

This report shares our SEO benchmarks for 5 metrics: Average Session Duration, Bounce Rate, % Change in Organic Traffic. Number of Autofill, Transactional Keywords on Google’s First Page, and Visitor-to-Lead Conversion Rate.

In this article, we share benchmarks for the 7 most useful SEO KPIs, as well as how to adjust for each in a campaign.

Here, we share 3 key SEO statistics for each industry: the overall ROAS, the ROI you can expect, and the average time to break-even.

This report presents our findings on the average conversion rates of PCC and SEO, segmented by industry.

In this compendium, we share the results of five years of data from 160+ websites, calculating SEO conversion rate across multiple dimensions.

In this report, we share our research on click-through rates for each organic ranking position, ad position, and search element on Google.

B2B Marketing Statistics

In this report, we share B2B conversion rates, segmented by industry, as well as our recommended conversion optimization strategies for each industry.

This report presents our data on customer acquisition costs across 17 different B2B industries, segmented by organic and inorganic channels.

This report contains the metrics most commonly used to evaluate B2B marketing campaigns along with corresponding success benchmarks for each.

This report shares our B2B data on lead generation campaigns, including monthly cost, expected ROI, marketing budget allocation, and expected break-even point of each major lead generation channel.

In this article, we share which KPIs you should track so you can evaluate the success of your B2B lead generation campaign.

Here, we share our overall B2B benchmarks for the top KPIs used in content marketing campaigns, as well as expected time-on-site, conversion rate, and ROI by industry.

Here, we share the top 7 KPIs we use the track B2B campaigns, and how to adjust your campaign if one is lagging.

SaaS Marketing Statistics

In our comprehensive guide on SaaS customer acquisition, we discuss the effectiveness of each channel; average SaaS CACs by industry, customer type, and marketing channel; and conversion rates by industry and by channel.

Here we present our data on SaaS CACs across 17 different SaaS industries. We further segment each industry by customer type, reporting acquisition costs of consumers, small B2B businesses, middle market companies, and enterprises.

This report shares our data, compiled between 2016 and 2021, on the LTV-to-CAC ratio of 10 different SaaS industries.

In this article, we share SaaS benchmarks for conversion rates between each stage of the conversion funnel, segmented by channel and by industry.

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