B2B SEO Agency

The SF Bay Area’s largest SEO agency, First Page Sage specializes in B2B SEO, particularly when more specialized, technical knowledge is required. Here’s what we do:

Technical SEO. We handle all the optimization work to ensure your site is in excellent standing with Google, including speed, security, mobile responsiveness, site architecture, structured data, as well as your site’s UI.

Content creation. We hire a subject matter expert from your industry to craft both website content and thought leadership blogs for your company on an ongoing basis.

Strategic SEO Planning. We link every action we take—whether a modification or a new piece of thought leadership content—to a specific, revenue-driving keyword, tracking the results of our work carefully so we can report on its impact.

Our focus is always on your ROI, rather than indirect results like traffic or visitor engagement.

A B2B SEO Agency You Enjoy Working With

As your outsourced SEO partner, it’s our job to make your SEO function like its own automated system, a lead generation machine always working in the background. Here’s why B2B companies love having us as a vendor:

We’re proactive

We recognize that you rely on us as SEO experts, regardless of your marketing department’s experience. We’ve worked with clients in similar niches before and know what gets results. You can expect us to lead the charge, requesting occasional changes to your website based on the latest Google algorithm shifts and ongoing analysis of your site’s visitor data. We’ll also bring fresh ideas to the table on our weekly calls, whether about content repurposing, updating old pages, or experimenting with new marketing tools.

We handle every aspect of SEO

Rather than only giving you part of what you need to generate leads from SEO, we give you everything: keyword strategy, technical SEO, content creation, lead tracking, marketing attribution, and ongoing refinement of the campaign. We’re only finished when you’re generating new leads consistently, with minimal effort from your team.

We genuinely understand your product and industry

By embracing the model of hiring a new expert for every campaign, we show our commitment to understanding your brand, product, and industry on a level few other vendors do. We recognize that representing your brand is a serious responsibility, which is why we have a 6 week onboarding period replete with Q&As, persona building, and sample content. Typically, our clients allow us to publish directly on their blog within 2 months, owing to the trust we’ve built.

We justify our fee with real ROI

We believe that the best purchases a business makes are the ones that pay for themselves in a clear, measurable way. That’s why we’ve invested in lead tracking, marketing attribution, and ROI reporting. Each quarter, we justify our fee in the form of showing you exactly which leads (and if given access, how much revenue) our campaign has generated.

We’ve prepared resources on thought leadership marketing to help you better understand our B2B SEO service. You can also set up a time to speak with us and learn what a partnership would look like.

B2B SEO: Our Client Experience

You choose an agency to work with not just based on fit, but on past results. We’ve worked with B2B companies in both the small-to-midsize and enterprise categories. Most of our clients have come to us by way of referrals made by other clients. Here’s a small selection of the B2B companies we’ve worked with:

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If you’d like to speak with us about how First Page Sage can assist your B2B company, here’s how to contact our agency.