About First Page Sage

The High ROI SEO Company

First Page Sage is an SEO and thought leadership marketing company based in San Francisco, CA. We generate leads for businesses by ghostwriting content for their website, specializing in complex subject areas. Our client list includes SalesForce, Microsoft, US Bank, Logitech, and Verisign, but the majority of our clients are midsized companies and established startups. Our customer composition is approximately 65% B2B and 35% B2C.

We begin a campaign by assembling a team that deeply understands your business and customer base; crafting a strategy for addressing the needs and concerns of your prospects through content; and producing a regular stream of thought leadership content that produces qualified leads at a low CAC. We track results carefully and are accountable for exceeding your marketing benchmarks.

We are an excellence-driven company that puts our clients – and their marketing goals – first. 

Components of our best selling service

Thought Leadership:

Establishing our clients as thought leaders in their fields through the production of weekly, best-in-class content. Thought leadership consists of the following:


Delivering top organic rankings on Google.

Online PR

Attracting valuable links that build your website’s Google Trust.

Conversion Optimization

Achieving a clear ROI through conversion optimization and analytics (that’s the whole point!)

Evan Bailyn, Founder & CEO

First Page Sage was founded by Evan Bailyn, one of the early pioneers of SEO. Evan is a bestselling author and award-winning speaker on the subject of SEO. Prior to First Page Sage, he had several exits, including one of the largest kids entertainment sites online.  

Today, First Page Sage is the sum of 15+ years of studying Google’s algorithm and the patterns of effective content. Our acclaimed archive of original research has made our website among the most-visited marketing agency sites on the Internet. 


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