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Evan Bailyn is one of the early pioneers of modern SEO strategy, having started his career in the early 2000s and gone on to build the largest SEO firm in the U.S., First Page Sage. His bestselling book, Outsmarting Google, outlined the content-based approach that predominates current SEO strategy.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Evan is an active keynote speaker and SEO consultant. His time is largely spent leading First Page Sage, where he focuses on research & development.

Evan has been featured in The New York TimesThe Wall Street JournalForbesABC News, and Fox News. His firm’s list of clients includes LinkedIn, Verisign, Logitech, US Bank, and Verizon.

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Evan Bailyn


“Evan’s presentation was outstanding, offering member-specific take-aways of great value. He breaks down Thought Leadership and SEO into very understandable and manageable terms – better than anyone I’ve experienced in my 23 years of chairing. And on top of that, he is a genuinely wonderful human being. Working with him was a delight.”
“Evan is clearly very knowledgeable on the subject of SEO, and was able to not only convey overall industry best practices and suggestions, but provide specific analysis and recommendations for each of the organizations in attendance. I found the information very educational and expect that we will be able to implement many of the things discussed.”
“Great story, very relevant information to my business, loved the personal assessment of my website, did not try to introduce too much information, and I had tools to use the next day. Tremendously applicable and usable content. I learned a lot. I feel like I was given insider secrets.”
“Evan is a master. He comes prepared with insights and real suggestions for each member.”
“Evan is absolutely the expert in the field of SEO. What he has to say is engaging and relevant even if you don’t think you need SEO. Excellent content and delivery, with high degree of relevance. Very impressed with the effort and the advice.”
“We are pretty sophisticated with SEO, but still picked up a lot of pearls. Also, great for those new to the concepts. Very polished.”