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At First Page Sage, we specialize in systematic demand generation. Our approach is comprehensive, targeting prospects at all stages of the customer journey.

The core of our demand generation service is the creation of a body of thought leadership content that generates interest in your company, converts traffic into leads, and nurtures those leads until they become closed sales. Here’s how our service works.

Customer Personas

We interview you and your team to understand exactly what you offer, who your customers or clients are, and how your company fits into its industry. The customer personas we develop define exactly which audience is most valuable, what they’re concerned with, the best channels to reach them through, and the type of content that will most speak to their needs and interests.

SEO & Thought Leadership

The core of our demand generation strategy, we target highly searched transactional keywords and produce original content that showcases your company’s expertise. Each piece is tailored to a specific customer profile, and together, they raise your company’s visibility across to board—both on Google and in the minds of potential leads.

Supporting Digital Channels

Thought leadership content provides the perfect base for complementary marketing campaigns, including PPC, LinkedIn, and email marketing. Our team will work closely with yours to reshape content for each channel and tailor it to speak directly to the needs of your audience on each, no matter where they may be in their journey.

Conversion Optimization

Our conversion optimization experts will dig into your website, finding any technical or UX issues that keep visitors from converting. We’ll implement systems to track microconversion events, giving you greater insight into your lead pipeline. The data we gather will be fed back into our demand generation strategy, increasing the ROI of our campaign over time.

Clients that have trusted us to provide demand generation include:

Thought Leadership: The Best Way to Generate Demand

Thought leadership content is the lynchpin of our demand generation strategy. It fulfills two critical roles. First, it establishes your expertise, raising your industry profile and customer awareness of your brand. By crafting engaging content that speaks directly to common pain points or presents original research and hard to find data, we turn your website into a trusted resource. In turn, this improves your domain authority, Google search rankings and discoverability, as well as generating positive word-of-mouth that allows more potential customers to find you organically.

The second role thought leadership plays in demand generation is in forming the basis for multi-channel marketing programs. It provides conversion-optimized pages for visitors that arrive through inorganic campaign channels such as PPC and LinkedIn advertising, and its content can be reshaped into lead nurturing email marketing campaigns. The research generated by thought leadership can even be transformed into infographics for offline events like trade shows and speaking opportunities, building engagement and converting leads at every stage of the sales funnel.

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Demand Generation Case Study: Cadence Design Systems

We began working with Cadence Design Systems, an enterprise-level electronics design automation (EDA) software provider in 2019. Their goal was to engage with design engineers through an SEO-driven demand generation campaign. We worked with Cadence to refine their target audience into four segments: (1) Front-end electronics engineers and circuit designers, (2) PCB layout engineers, (3) signal integrity/power integrity engineers, and (4) RF engineers.

We then created a strategy focused around content that addressed the specific pain points of each audience segment. Over the next year, we worked closely with Cadence to create industry-leading thought leadership using a Hub & Spoke model, leading to a 934% increase in total keyword rankings; reducing their monthly cost-per-conversion; and record numbers of new subscribers, free trial requests, and user signups.

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You can read the full case study to learn more about our work with Cadence, or get in touch if you’re interested in more case studies about our demand generation work.

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