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B2B Content Marketing Statistics

B2b Content Marketing Stats Tn

How effective is B2B content marketing in the real world? We analyzed our proprietary dataset, comprising B2B businesses who engaged in content marketing campaigns with our firm from 2016-2021, and compiled the results.

In the table below, we share engagement and performance metrics across all industries, as well as average time investment, cost, time to break-even, and ROI.

After that, we segment our data by industry, offering average time on site, traffic-to-lead conversion rate, and ROI.

B2B Content Marketing Statistics

MetricB2B AverageNotes
Monthly Increase in Organic Web Traffic10.5%This level of increase is expected after ~8 months of consistent, high quality content production.
Engagement Rate71%Engagement rate, as used in Google Analytics 4, is the ratio of engaged sessions to total sessions
Average Time On Page1:24Google requires only a time on page of 10 seconds for a session to be considered “engaged”. However, longer times on page correlate with higher content quality and relevancy.
Weekly Time Investment2 hours (outsourced)

8 hours (in-house)

Assumes 2 articles or other pieces of content published each week
Monthly Cost$9,150 (outsourced)

$11,120 (in-house)

Outsourced assumes 2 new pages published each week. In-house includes taxes, benefits, and training
Time to Break-Even on Investment 10 monthsInvestment pays off sooner with thoughtful strategic planning utilizing the hub and spoke model of content marketing
ROI748%Assumes consistent weekly publication; consideration of search intent; and a high quality of content

B2B Content Marketing Statistics by Industry

IndustryAverage Time On SiteLead Conversion RateROI
B2B SaaS4:261.1%702%
Commercial Insurance4:061.7%758%
Financial Services4:561.9%1,031%
Heavy Equipment2:531.7%872%
Industrial IoT3:172.6%866%
IT & Managed Services4:161.5%612%
Law Firm / Legal Services3:077.4%526%
Medical Device3:583.1%1,183%
Oil & Gas4:132.6%906%
Real Estate3:522.8%1,389%
Solar Energy2:561.8%770%
Staffing & Recruiting3:482.9%712%

Optimizing Your B2B Content Marketing Campaign

The statistics above, averages from 120+ content marketing campaigns with varying results, depend on a thoughtful implementation of content marketing and SEO, as well as the utilization of conversion optimization best practices on each page.

If your team lacks some of the specialized skills necessary to deliver a content marketing campaign of this caliber, our agency specializes in B2B content marketing, particularly within complex industries, and always with a focus on lead generation. You can reach us here.

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