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Our SEO agency serves more than a dozen B2B SaaS companies at any given time and as such, knows how essential SEO is at generating leads for them. When decision makers or influencers at a company are selecting a software, search will be one of their touchpoints. It may even be their first interaction with your brand.

With each client we take on, we take responsibility not just for lead generation but for participating in the tracking, attribution, and reporting of marketing results. In an industry like B2B SaaS that relies so heavily on data, your SEO firm should come to the table with that skill set. Read on to see what kind of content we’ve created for B2B software firms like yours.

B2B SaaS companies that we’ve provided SEO services for include:

Fps Graphic Chat Content

Clients have partnered with us to write:

  • A white paper on the way customer service software is being used by mid-sized to enterprise level consumer-facing businesses
  • A blog series on customer loyalty aimed at Fortune 1000 retailers
  • A thought piece on the nuances of 3D geospatial modeling aimed at energy companies
  • A report forecasting auto lending in 2023 aimed at banks and dealerships
  • hub and spoke strategy on software localization targeted at middle market and large businesses with international websites
  • A resource hub on rigid flex pcb design

Our SEO strategy for B2B SaaS companies revolves around careful keyword selection and consistently publishing thought leadership content that lead MQLs to convert. For example, perhaps the most ignored-yet-valuable content strategy for B2B SaaS is targeting comparison keywords such as “top identity management software” via well-designed tables that pit your firm against your competitors’. We’ve found that by influencing the way companies are compared, our clients get a far higher-than-average conversion rate. There is also typically little search competition for these keywords from other firms in your space, with most competition coming from news publications.

Whenever we work with a new B2B SaaS client, we begin by creating a strategic SEO plan that will lay out exactly what is needed to maximize their SEO-based lead generation. Clients then have the option of either executing this plan with their in-house marketing team, or engaging with us for a 12-month SEO campaign that makes full use of our expert writers and strategists. Below are the results that we’ve achieved when executing a strategic plan for our clients:


Over the past 3 years, B2B SaaS clients have been one of our highest ROI client groups, throwing off a Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) of $1.4M / year on average.

We attribute the success we’ve had with software companies to a combination of factors:

  • Thorough, thoughtful keyword strategy planning focused on the the generation of qualified leads
  • A team of 7 specialists working on every account, including a subject matter expert writer recruited from your industry especially for the campaign; a thought leadership editor; an SEO specialist; a graphic designer; a conversion rate optimizer; a marketing analytics expert; and an experienced campaign manager
  • An onboarding period that takes the time to deeply understand your brand and target audience, improve your technical SEO, and set up an effective working process towards long term results
  • A view of our role as less of an SEO services company and more of a systematized lead generation solutions provider

Below you will find a chart showing the pattern of ROI generation for our B2B SaaS clients as well as some stats about bounce rate, engagement, and conversion rate.


B2b Saas Roi

Marketing stats for our B2B SaaS SEO clients:

  • Average engagement rate: 61%
  • Average time on site: 04:26
  • Landing page conversion rate: 1.1%

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