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PCB Design & Manufacturing SEO Services

In the highly competitive PCB industry, software providers, manufacturers, and component suppliers are seeking ways to engage users and increase sales leads. While many companies recognize the importance of content to achieve those goals, few are creating the thought leadership content required to truly stand out.

When executed correctly—treating SEO as a system rather than a service—SEO will distinguish your business from your competitors’, attracting innovative customers in aerospace, automotive, medtech, manufacturing, and telecom.

First Page Sage has a proven track record of serving PCB suppliers, manufacturers, and SaaS companies, helping them to become dominant in the search results within their niche of the PCB industry. Our firm does not rest at delivering relevant visitors, however; we help clients engage those visitors, convert qualified leads, and track the results of their organic marketing campaigns.

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Clients have partnered with us to create

  • A curated library of technical assessments of PCB and IC component pages
  • A case study of the improved design of a PCBA aboard the Mars 2020 lander
  • A mini-site supporting a corporate initiative of sustainability in electronics design and manufacturing
  • A strategy to dominate Google Scholar SEO for advanced and technical design
  • A survey of, and guide to, regulations and standards for Class 2 and 3 medical devices
  • A five-part series on PCBA’s soldering component intricacies and nuances

The centerpiece of our PCB SEO service is 2 weekly pieces of thought leadership content ghostwritten on your company’s behalf. We dedicate each piece to a transactional keyword your target audience is searching, rooted in data and deep subject matter expertise. Ultimately, we ensure that your company is at the front of key decision-makers’ minds wherever they are in their process of selecting a partner.

PCB Design & Manufacturing SEO ROI

Over the past several years, PCB design and manufacturing clients have emerged as the clients with the best ROI for SEO services, averaging $2.3M / year in new, net revenue. As one of our satisfied clients noted, “This thought leadership campaign is the best ad campaign ever.”

The types of PCB clients we work with include electronic and PCB design software companies, manufacturers small (e.g. prototypers) and large, PCB component suppliers, and additive manufacturing printers for PCBs.

Our headquarters near the heart of Silicon Valley puts us in close dialogue with innovators and disruptors, just like the customers our clients serve. We cater our content to your exact target audience, whether influencers or decision makers, at start-ups or enterprises, within each geographic region you serve. Whether it’s design verification, simulation, and smart prototyping advice or working through the complications of crosstalk, power integrity, and component placement, we can write accessible, technically-sound solutions to the problems your customers deal with.

The bedrock of our success is deep subject matter expertise and a diversified approach to working with B2B companies comprising a team of specialists in each aspect of thought leadership and SEO. We will ensure that your website is trusted by Google like a news site, and viewed by your potential customers and employees as a leader in its field.


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Marketing stats for our PCB SEO clients:

  • Average engagement rate: 63%
  • Average time on site: 00:04:18
  • Landing page conversion rate: 2.3%

Partnering with First Page Sage for PCB SEO

Our team can personalize a Thought Leadership SEO campaign for your company, no matter how technical your service or niche may be. Here are the usual phases of a campaign:


  • Get to know your target market, including ideal buyer personas.
  • Create a keyword strategy to target the search terms most likely to generate ROI for your campaign.
  • Assess the health of your website and perform updates to improve its technical SEO; conduct a competitor and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) analysis.
  • Establish a reporting system that tracks leads and attributes outcomes to your various marketing tools.

Ongoing Campaign

  • Weekly publishing of 2 pieces of thought leadership content, enhanced by custom graphics
  • Weekly consultations to review campaign strategy and leads generated
  • Monthly reporting on KPIs, quarterly deep-dive reports on visitor engagement, conversion performance, and progress vs competitors

If you’re ready to stand out from the competition and increase your sales opportunities, contact us to learn more about our expertise in PCB Design and Manufacturing SEO services.