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SEO for IT & Managed Services Companies

Managed services and IT consulting are extremely competitive fields online, but the opportunity is enormous: those that rank highly on Google receive a steady stream of MQLs into their marketing funnel.

At First Page Sage, we have over a decade of experience handling every aspect of SEO for IT & managed services companies. Our approach combines a deep understanding of search intent—knowing what IT decision makers such as CTOs actually type into Google, and the best way to respond to their query—with thought leadership. We’ve seen again and again that regularly publishing high-quality content that speaks to the pain points and interests of your target audience is the best way to position you as the premier IT services provider in your niche. Over time, with a systematic approach, your website will become a key resource in Google’s eyes, and businesses will quickly encounter your website when they grow out of their current IT or managed services provider.


IT companies have partnered with us to create:

  • A series of problem/solution blog articles addressing the most common networking issues faced by mid-sized businesses.
  • A comprehensive guide to best practices for data backup, storage, and the costs of data recovery.
  • A quarterly cybersecurity report, analyzing major attacks, vulnerabilities, and the most important new developments that systems administrators should be aware of.
  • An industry-segmented white paper analyzing the costs and benefits of hiring an external IT provider vs. setting up your own in-house department.

We work with your internal experts to fully understand what makes you stand out from other IT or managed services firms and create two pieces of thought leadership each week that reflects that industry leadership. Each of these articles, landing pages, or specialized content (reports, white papers, presentations) target a highly searched, transactional keyword that indicates the searcher is in need of your services.

We plan our editorial calendar months in advance around a proven Hub & Spoke strategy, meaning that you’ll come to dominate the search results for your industry’s biggest keywords as well. These rankings will translate directly into organic search traffic, and through our conversion optimized content, into new leads and sales.

SEO ROI for IT Companies ROI

IT is one of the top 20 industries that see the highest ROI from SEO, averaging $1.6M in new, net revenue. This success is due to the high level of trust that customers ascribe to a high organic search ranking, which leads to higher conversion rates and shorter sales cycles.


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Other Relevant SEO Stats for IT Companies:

  • Average engagement rate: 64%
  • Average time on site: 4:16
  • Landing page conversion rate: 1.5%

Partnering with FPS for IT / Managed Services SEO

We view our client relationships as a true partnership—we handle SEO while you focus on providing the best managed services possible to your clients. While we’ll update you on leading indicators so you can be sure your campaign is on the right track, we consider your actual ROI to be the true measure of our success.

In addition to the full-service SEO campaign described above, we can also support your internal marketing team with SEO consulting—handling all the strategic aspects of a campaign while your team provides the content—or through a one-time SEO audit to find any weaknesses in your current approach. If you’d like to know more about any of our SEO services, reach out and schedule a call.

IT SEO & Thought Leadership

Most of our clients engage with our Thought Leadership SEO package, which begins with an in-depth onboarding process. We first meet with your team on a 90-minute Q&A call, during which we learn more about your company and your goals. We then meet with your internal web team to develop and align on our plan for publishing, setting up tracking and attribution systems, and discuss any plugins your website may benefit from.

Once we have a firm understanding of your business and the technical details of your website, we’ll present the content strategy for your campaign and go over our planned editorial calendar. We’ll also walk you through a full SEO health report, analyzing your current rankings, any existing barriers to ranking your website may have, and how you compare to your top competitors. This all lays the groundwork for a successful campaign.

We then start the content production that is the core of our campaign. Each week, we’ll deliver two pieces of keyword-targeted thought leadership content. We’ll carefully monitor your campaign metrics such as backlinks, engagement, and visitor traffic, and report any significant changes each week. Each quarter, we’ll send you a detailed report on our campaign progress, which will include:

  • Organic traffic metrics (month-over-month and year-over-year when available)
  • Organic lead metrics (when available)
  • Site backlinks report
  • Keyword and SERP Performance
  • Content performance
  • Any other metrics you would like to track

At the end of our campaign, you’ll see a dramatic increase in site rankings, new leads, and most importantly, closed sales.