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Solar SEO Services

The EIA predicts that out of all energy markets, solar energy will see the most growth over the next 30 years. Whether you’re a manufacturer of solar panels or energy storage systems, an installer, or a contractor, you should invest in a lead generation system that grows with the market, and is as sustainable as solar energy itself.

SEO is one such system: unlike other forms of online marketing such as PPC ads where you pay for each page view, with SEO your investment remains fixed even as your incoming leads grow. This is especially beneficial in a growing market, as securing a high Google ranking early will create a greater market share down the line.

Our approach takes it a step further: in addition to generating leads, it establishes you as the premiere manufacturer, distributor, or contractor in the solar energy market. Rather than publishing run-of-the-mill content meant only to rank, we work with subject matter experts from your industry to create blog posts, landing pages, and authoritative white papers that build your reputation as an industry leader.

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Solar Companies have utilized our SEO Agency to create:

  • A blog series comparing energy costs, benefits, and drawbacks between traditional energy sources and solar sources
  • A series of geotargeted landing pages on solar availability and pricing for consumers
  • A white paper on the development of solar capacity in the world’s most competitive economies
  • A visualization of the cost of solar energy in the last decade compared to other renewable energy sources

On a weekly basis, we publish two pieces of thought leadership on your website, each targeting a highly-searched transactional keyword. This content is created within a larger strategic plan whose purpose is to establish your company’s credibility with Google. On an individual article basis, we are essentially presenting your business’s unique view within the solar industry so that you come across as a thought leader, while encouraging your readers to convert.


The solar energy industry ranks among our top 10 highest ROI industries, averaging $1.7M / year in new, net revenue directly from SEO. Our best results in the solar energy space have come from our partnerships with B2B solar companies, as we consider ourselves experts in B2B lead generation and content marketing.

Our success comes from our refusal to see ourselves as just an SEO or content marketing vendor: first and foremost, we are true partners to our clients, whether that means honing your marketing KPIs together or spending extra hours debating your marketing attribution. Before we publish our first article, we map out a year-long campaign that is solely dedicated to achieving those goals, meeting with your team weekly to ensure we’re staying on track, making adjustments as needed.


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Other relevant SEO stats for Solar companies:

  • Average engagement rate: 73%
  • Average time on site: 2:56
  • Landing page conversion rate: 1.8%

Partnering with First Page Sage for Solar SEO Services

Our process has two stages: Onboarding and the Ongoing Content Production. Because we tailor our campaign to the needs of each client, we start with an in-depth onboarding process. During this stage, we analyze your audience, customers, and competitors, and take a deep dive into your current website’s overall health and conversion optimization. We then create a detailed plan to implement data analytics systems, remove any conversion barriers, and map out a year long editorial calendar that targets the most valuable transactional keywords in your industry.

Afterwards, we use our experience with other solar clients to create the best solar-related content on the web. Each week we’ll deliver 2 blog articles; landing pages; or other, specialized content; and consult with you on your campaign progress. We use a data-driven approach to constantly improve upon our process, adjusting our strategy to capitalize on our successes and learn from our failures. We’ll summarize everything for you in monthly and quarterly reports that detail our KPIs and metrics like engagement and page views.

If you’re ready to invest in SEO to use your website to generate leads, schedule a call to learn more about our experience working with solar energy companies.