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Google Ads: Average Clickthrough Rates in 2024

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Google Ads Average Ctrs Rates Tn

Last Updated: January 29, 2024

Our research team recently conducted a meta-analysis of clickthrough rates for Google ads. They compiled data from 109 of our agency’s client accounts and reviewed published reports of CTRs for each ad type, weighting the datasets based on the quality of the source. All data was collected between 1/15/2023 and 1/15/2024. 

The results for the most common 6 ad types can be found in the table below. 

Ad Type Example Clickthrough Rate
Search  Search Example Position 1 – 2.2%

Position 2 – 1.3%

Position 3 – .9%

Position 4 – .9%

Local Search Local Search 5.1%
Local Services  Local Services Listing 4.7%
Product Listing (PLA) Pla Listing Top 8 – 1.1%

Mid-Page – .51%

Display Display Ad .089%
Video Ad Video Ad Skippable – .74%

Non-skippable – .81%

Google Search Ad Average Clickthrough Rates by Industry

During our analysis, we were able to segment one Google ad type – search ads – by industry. The table below displays the mean clickthrough rate for the top ad in the Google search results. 

NOTE: This data applies only to the #1 search ad, not #2-#4.

Industry  CTR for #1 Search Ad
Addiction Treatment 5.9%
Automotive 1.8%
Aviation 1.4%
CBD 3.1%
Construction 1.1%
eCommerce 2.7%
Entertainment 4.2%
Financial Services 2.1%
Higher Education & College 3.1%
Home Builders 2.7%
Home Services 2.9%
Hotels & Resorts 3.4%
HVAC Services 3.2%
Legal Services 2.5%
Medical Device 1.2%
Medical Practices 2.3%
Real Estate 2.6%
SaaS 2.1%
Solar Energy 2.7%
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Notable Google Ad CTR Statistics:

  • The highest CTR Google Ad type is Local Search at 5.1%
  • Display ads have the lowest CTR of all ad types at .089%, but are typically used for branding rather than to generate clicks
  • The industry with the highest search ad CTR is addiction treatment (5.9%)
  • The top 3 first page organic search results have 5x-20x the clickthrough rate of the top search ad; you have to scroll all the way to the 9th organic result to see a similar clickthrough rate to the top-performing search ad (~2.4%)


If you would like a copy of this report, you can request it here.

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