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Drug Rehab SEO Services

Addiction treatment centers know better than any type of business that professional support offered in a trusting environment is crucial to a patient’s success—and that taking the first step is the hardest part. We’ve provided thought leadership-based SEO services for treatment centers across the country for over a decade, and we know how important that first Google search asking for help can be.

Many drug rehabilitation centers have an online presence, but few use their blogs to reach new patients in a truly proactive, helpful manner. Individuals facing substance abuse, chemical dependency, and other addiction issues—as well as their families—rely on trusted content. In your line of work, a click at the right time can genuinely save a life. Thought leadership marketing, when delivered as a system rather than a service, can help treatment facilities answer the call whenever they’re needed.

First Page Sage takes pride in serving treatment centers across the country, offering compassionate insights targeted to challenges faced by individuals and their families. Our approach can help you educate your clients, build lasting trust, and stand out as the highest standard in rehabilitation and treatment services.

Addiction treatment centers that we’ve provided SEO services for include:


Drug Rehab Centers have partnered with us to write:

  • Resource hubs on managing prescription drug addictions such as Xanax, Ativan, and Adderall
  • A series of landing pages custom-crafted for each location of an addiction treatment center
  • Clinic-ready infographics on synaptic pruning, the mesolimbic dopamine system, and mindfulness-based relapse prevention
  • A white paper collection on groundbreaking, science-based treatment programs
  • pillar page on neuroplasticity and drug addiction

Each week we provide 2 pieces of thought leadership content on your facility’s behalf. Our approach incorporates subject matter expertise in an accessible and engaging way to establish your authority and credibility with Google. Every article is targeted toward a transactional keyword actively searched by individuals who would benefit from treatment—or concerned friends and family members. Our pieces reflect your approach to treatment, establish your website as an expert resource, and ensure your center is seen as a trusted space for prospective patients to find recovery.


Drug Rehab SEO Marketing ROI

Drug rehab centers are consistently among our clients with the best ROI for SEO services, averaging $1.4M / year in new, net revenue. We’ve partnered with facilities that address substance abuse singly or as part of co-occurring medical or psychiatric disorders; others that treat the psychological, social, physical, and familial aspects of addiction; and still others that offer evidence-based and experiential treatment modalities.

Our onboarding process includes robust conversations about your services, your ideal candidates for treatment, and your competition. We get to know what makes you unique so we can execute a year-long campaign of providing insights into the questions and concerns of your clients and their friends and family. Over the course of our campaign, we’ll establish your facility as the thought leader, and hence the most trusted facility, in your local area.


SEO Marketing ROI for Drug Rehab Centers

Drug Rehab Roi

Other relevant SEO stats for Drug Rehab Centers:

  • Average engagement rate: 67%
  • Average time on site: 00:03:15
  • Landing page conversion rate: 2.14%

Partnering with First Page Sage for Drug Rehab SEO

Unlike other agencies that provide content marketing services, First Page Sage prides itself on its searcher-first approach to content creation. We develop customized Thought Leadership SEO campaigns in line with the brand and science of our drug rehab partners. We understand that a keen grasp of the target audience is always important, but even more valuable is having a conversation with this audience in a constructive way. Our systematic approach allows us to speak in line with your facility’s approach, serving your business goals and your clients’ needs. Here’s how it works:


  • Define target market, identify ideal clientele, and conduct analysis on competitor facilities.
  • Establish a keyword strategy targeting transactional keywords to ensure clicks and consumption leads to conversions and ROI.
  • Assess the overall health of your website, implement updates as appropriate, and complete a Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) analysis.
  • Put reporting and data analytics systems in place to track clicks and conversions from your various marketing efforts.

Ongoing Campaign

  • Publish 2 weekly pieces of thought leadership content, each supplemented with custom graphics.
  • Offer weekly insights into your campaign progress, outcomes, and leads.
  • Consult on opportunities to leverage your articles in newsletters or on social media to support your marketing efforts.
  • Generate reports on KPIs each month and quarterly reports on metrics including user engagement, conversions, and rankings.

If you’re ready to use thought leadership to create connections with new patients, contact us to learn more about our experience working with drug & alcohol rehabilitation centers.