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SEO is the single most valuable lead generation channel for SaaS companies. In addition to its excellent long-term ROI, SEO generates warmer leads than other channels. This results in low customer acquisition costs, and in turn, a high LTV-to-CAC ratio.

At First Page Sage, we have over 12 years of experience working with SaaS companies. Our approach is a combination of search intent-first planning, industry-leading thought leadership content, and conversion rate optimization, built upon the proven Hub & Spoke model. Over the course of a campaign, we build your website into a key resource for your potential customers, turning it into a key lead generation system for your business.

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SaaS companies have partnered with us to write:

  • A blog series on the benefits of using AI-based writing assistant software when writing content, both personal and professional.
  • A white paper on the way customer service software is being used by mid-sized to enterprise level consumer-facing businesses
  • A resource center on the use of automated portfolio management software for financial services companies
  • A report on developments in 3D geospatial modeling software, aimed at energy companies
  • A hub-and-spoke series on software localization strategy targeted to middle market and large businesses with international websites


SaaS is one of the industries that benefit most from SEO, averaging $1.2M per year in new, net revenue.

SEO ROI for SaaS Companies

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Other relevant marketing stats for our SaaS SEO clients:

  • Average engagement rate: 59%
  • Average time on site: 3:59
  • Landing page conversion rate: 1.0%

Partnering with First Page Sage for SaaS SEO

One of the biggest challenges SaaS companies face when trying to grow the business is that often, their ideal customer isn’t actively looking for new software solutions. That’s why, at the beginning of each campaign, we meet with you and your team to learn as much as possible about your customers and the value of your software. In particular, we want to know what problems your software solves, and what pain points it alleviates.

We’ll then use this knowledge to develop a publishing strategy that targets the keywords your target audience searches when they have a problem but don’t yet know that replacing their current software — or adopting a new one — is the solution. Our editorial calendar includes each keyword’s ideal page type and visitor search intent. This knowledge prepares us for the core activity of our campaign: producing original, engaging content for your website.

The first piece of content we produce will be a test piece, which we then dissect in a meeting with your team to ensure it fully captures your unique voice, branding, and place in the market. We then incorporate this feedback into every future blog article and landing page we create, with our team needing less and less of your time as the campaign progresses. We will also provide advice on how this content can be repackaged for email, LinkedIn, and other lead nurturing campaigns, improving the conversion rates of your entire funnel.

SaaS companies that we’ve provided SEO services for include:

Case Study: Cadence Design Systems

We provided SEO services for Cadence Design Systems, the industry-leading provider of electronics design automation (EDA) software. We began our campaign by targeting keywords that were actively searched by PCB design engineers, working with experts in electronics design, simulation, and analysis to create engineering content with actionable insights.
This content positioned Cadence as a thought leader in the PCB design space, resulting in a 934% increase in Cadence’s total keyword rankings, and the highest number of new subscribers, free trial requests, and user signups in their company’s history.

To learn more about our work with cadence, read the full case study here.

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