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SaaS Freemium Conversion Rates: 2024 Report

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Freemium To Paid Conversion Rates By Industry

The following report shares data gathered between 2018-2023 from 80+ SaaS clients we worked with who offered their product through a freemium model. We first provide industry-wide averages for freemium conversion rates. We present both visitor to freemium conversion rates (the percentage of website visitors who sign up for free version of the software), and freemium to paid conversion rates (the percentage of free users who later purchase the full product). We then present average conversion rates for various types of freemium offerings and contrast them to free trial conversion rates.

Our findings are below:

Freemium Conversion Rates by SaaS Industry

IndustryVisitor to FreemiumFreemium to Paid
Real Estate/PropTech12.2%3.4%

Saas Free Trial vs Freemium Conversion Rates

Freemium ModelDescriptionTypeConversion Rate
Traditional FreemiumFree-forever software that can function on its own, but has significantly limited features compared to the paid product.Visitor to Freemium13.7%
Freemium to Paid3.7%
Land & ExpandSoftware that is free for individuals to acquire, but which requires a paid plan to use at an organization level.Visitor to Freemium14.5%
Freemium to Paid3.0%
Freeware 2.0Free-forever, fully functional product with optional add-ons.Visitor to Freemium13.2%
Freemium to Paid3.3%
Free Trial TypeDescriptionTypeConversion Rate
Opt-In Free TrialsOpt-in free trials have higher visitor to trial conversion rates, as they don’t require visitors to input payment information before downloading.Visitor to Free Trial7.8%
Free Trail to Paid17.8%
Opt-Out Free TrialsOpt-out free trials automatically convert users to paid subscriptions once the trial period ends.Visitor to Free Trial2.4%
Free Trail to Paid49.9%

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