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Environmental Thought Leadership

Environmental thought leadership is the act of creating content that positions your environmentally-focused business as a leader in its niche. Whether your business focuses on clean energy, preservation, recycling, sustainability, or another green category, it has the opportunity to be perceived as best-in-class through the content it publishes. A rising profile within your category will make it far more likely that members of your industry will associate your company’s name with excellence.

We are specialists in ghostwriting thought leadership content for environmental companies, having worked with notable companies in the energy, recycling, marine life, and preservation sectors – both on the for-profit and nonprofit side.

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Clients have partnered with us to write about:

  • How recent EPA regulations are affecting coal generation and the effect of these rules on the future of the coal industry
  • Understanding the impact of Russia’s import ban on Alaska’s fisheries
  • Acknowledging the shortcomings of the U.S.’s current recycling efforts while giving these programs the time and resources they need to succeed
  • Proactive approaches to preserving certain tree species’ that are expected to be killed by climate change within the next century
  • How exploration of deepwater fields will impact the way the world obtains its oil and gas
  • Measuring the effectiveness of today’s available solutions to home air polution


Our content often leads to great exposure for our clients – both in the national press and industry journals – as well as interviews, speaking engagements, and greater name recognition. Most commonly though, we find that thought leadership attracts new customers. Truly great content causes people to want to be associated with the business who created it.