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Healthcare Thought Leadership.

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Healthcare thought leadership is the production of online content – articles, reports, infographics, or videos – that demonstrates a healthcare company’s leadership within the industry. We’ve seen countless business luminaries like Jack Welch publish books to the same end that have made them famous. In today’s prolific online environment, healthcare organizations have the same opportunity.

We specialize in ghostwriting thought leadership content for healthcare organizations including hospitals, home healthcare businesses, skilled nursing facilities, medical device companies, rehabilitation clinics, and medical & dental software companies.

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Clients have partnered with us to write about:

  • A white paper on the recent rise of compounding pharmacies, addressing debates about safety, quality, and price effectiveness for patients
  • An infographic on the evolution of genomic medicine
  • An editorial on how healthcare providers’ use of big data will ultimately improve patient care
  • A “versus” piece comparing the telemedicine experience with an in-person doctors visit and weighing the pros and cons of new, technology-enabled personalized healthcare
  • A 3-part series on video games in the healthcare industry
  • An open letter calling for changes to the medical device 510(k) submission review process


The advantages of consistently producing thought leadership content are many, especially given what a rapidly-changing sector healthcare is. Members of the industry and consumers alike thirst for good information. We’ve found that a lot of the articles published in healthcare nowadays are either purely informational or overly opinionated. We favor publishing truly insightful analysis on behalf of our clients.

When decision-makers come across a piece of content that says something new in clear and interesting way, they begin to create a positive association with the organization that published that content, which can lead to new revenue, partnerships, and press.
Thought leadership content is particularly valuable in the age of Google that we live in, because the search giant gives favor to original content, sending more visitors to websites that regularly produce it.