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Despite being the Silicon Valley city with the highest density of startups, Palo Alto has few dedicated SEO companies. The city’s SEO landscape mostly consists of individual SEO specialists and full-service digital marketing firms. Our firm is, we believe, the best of both worlds: a pure-SEO company, which has supplementary expertise in conversion rate optimization, UI design, and marketing analytics. We feel a narrower focus on SEO gives us a strategic advantage in that we have both the resources and knowledge to focus on the finer details of SEO. After all, upping content quality that extra 15% or so is what makes all the difference to ranking on Google.

With more than a decade of success with Palo Alto-based clients, First Page Sage has honed its craft. Our view of SEO is that the technical, on-page work is a prerequisite; but the art is in data-driven keyword research and consistent posting of thought leadership content that perfectly satisfies your audience’s search queries. Coupled with our focus on revenue generation for our clients, our service contains everything you want from an SEO company.

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A Personalized Approach

What sets First Page Sage apart from other Palo Alto SEO companies is the team we assemble for each client, which includes:

  • A subject matter expert writer
  • A thought leadership editor
  • An SEO consultant
  • A graphic designer
  • A conversion rate optimizer
  • An analytics and reporting specialist
  • A campaign manager

Our team spends several weeks getting to know your brand and designing an SEO strategy tailored to its brand and audience. Your campaign manager then meets with you weekly to tweak the campaign and discuss results.

Turning your website into an efficient lead generation machine takes both SEO expertise and thought leadership content. Our work draws more qualified leads to your pages and positions you as the driver of conversation in your industry, demonstrating your expertise and building trust with your clients.

We track, analyze, and leverage leading indicators like rankings, traffic, and user engagement as well as the latest sales leads we’ve attracted to your site in order to constantly improve on our strategy for your campaign.


Our services include:

Technical SEO:

Our team begins with a complete site audit, investigating how well your site performs in terms of speed, meta page title quality, user-friendliness, and schema markups. We identify any technical SEO measures we can take to improve any concerns and work with you to implement those improvements.

Thought Leadership Content:

Of all the lead generation strategies you can pair with SEO, thought leadership results in the highest ROI. Our team analyzes your business and determines the keywords that your clients actually search for, then creates insightful blog articles and landing pages to target those keywords. By posting this content at least twice per week, your website’s SERPs will rise and attract leads who are ready to commit.

Conversion Optimization:

We don’t consider our work finished until we’ve not only increased organic traffic, but turned those visitors into qualified buyers. Our team will produce detailed analytics reports on your site and use them to inform our strategy. With an eye toward progressing your site’s visitors through your website’s conversion funnel, we use thoughtful calls-to-action to increase your conversion rate, page by page.

Strategic Marketing Planning:

Throughout the campaign, your SEO consultant will be thinking big picture about your company’s marketing needs and where SEO fits into the picture. Long term, does your company want to transition its team off of SEO-related calls so that SEO becomes a machine that runs quietly in the background? Or does it want to learn from First Page Sage and eventually take over the campaign as an in-house effort? These are important issues to discuss towards your firm’s long term marketing success.

No matter how Google’s algorithm changes, First Page Sage is aware of the latest news in the world of search, often publishing original research itself based on its extensive access to SEO analytics from a range of industries.

What Makes Us Palo Alto’s Best SEO Company?

With over a decade of experience working with both enterprise and mid-sized clients, we have the experience needed to be your long-term partner. As a long-time member of the Palo Alto business community, we know what it takes to compete in Silicon Valley.
We’ll create a strategy that is designed to leave your competitors in the dust, beginning with thorough keyword research and proceeding to develop content that carefully focuses on each member of your target audience’s search intent. Our goal is to establish your ownership over your industry’s most competitive keywords, positioning you as the leader in your field.

Of course, the best way to measure our results is always in new, qualified leads and revenue. Our clients’ success is our success, and our lasting relationships with our clients has been the chief driver of our growth.

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If you’re interested in working with us, reach out and schedule a conversation. We’re happy to meet up at Coupa, Cafe Venetia, or one of the other great spots in Palo Alto, or just start with a phone call.