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SEO for Food & Beverage Companies

First Page Sage has over 12 years of experience providing food & beverage companies with industry-leading SEO services. Our clients have included private label food and beverage manufacturers, catering companies, wholesale food distributors, and restaurant chains.

Google is the first place both consumers and business decision makers visit when researching a food brand, searching for a manufacturer, or planning an event. Investing in search-optimized thought leadership content to secure first page rankings will ensure a steady stream of organic traffic, leading to new leads and sales.


Food & Beverage Companies have partnered with us to create:

  • A blog series on food inventory management best practices targeting local restaurants
  • A guide to working with private label food manufacturers
  • Landing pages on catering and wholesale services for B2B food suppliers
  • A report the growth of online food delivery services following the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Food & Beverage SEO ROI

SEO results in excellent ROI for food & beverage companies, averaging $1.0M per year in new, net revenue per year.


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Other relevant SEO stats for Food & Beverage Companies:

  • Average engagement rate: 62%
  • Average time on site: 2:41
  • Landing page conversion rate: 1.3%

Food & Beverage SEO: Our Approach

SEO begins with understanding the philosophy behind Google’s algorithm updates. In the years since the original link-based PageRank, Google has refined their algorithm’s ability to deprioritize pages that rely on older SEO techniques such as link spamming and keyword stuffing, and increased their ability to connect searchers with high quality content that answers search intent. For example, if a wholesale food distributor wished to target supermarkets and restaurants, they might write about consumer food purchasing trends. Ultimately, the best way to secure high search rankings long-term is to invest in creating an original piece of thought leadership content tailored to each commercially valuable keyword. Determining what these keywords are is the first phase of our campaign.

Our SEO team will interview you and your team to determine exactly who your ideal audience is. We use this information to create detailed customer personas, and create a Hub & Spoke editorial calendar that outlines every keyword we’ll target over the course of our campaign.

Content production is the meat of our campaign. For each keyword, our expert writers will work with our SEO strategists to create a search-intent optimized blog post or landing page that is the best content on the internet. After 4-6 months of regularly publishing this content, your website will be awarded the News Website Bonus, leading to increased rankings, visitors, and ultimately, new sales.

If you’re ready to learn more about our SEO services food & beverage companies, contact us below: