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Best SEO Agency in Houston, TX

While many SEO agencies call Houston home, most are generalist digital marketing firms who focus their services on small businesses with relatively simple needs. As a result, Houston’s midsized and enterprise businesses instead choose to work with agencies in SEO hubs such as Silicon Valley and New York, rather than the local firms who lack the specialization necessary to successfully execute an SEO in competitive markets or for complex B2B products.

At First Page Sage, SEO has been our sole focus for over 12 years. We’ve built successful SEO campaigns for companies in industries as complex as Biotech and Aerospace, turning organic Google searches into a primary source of new leads for our clients. Here’s what sets us apart from other Houston SEO agencies:

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SEO is a means to an end, and search rankings only matter when they result in closed sales. We measure our success by the ROI we generate for your business, using leading indicators such as traffic and keyword rankings as guides rather than seeing them as our ultimate goal.

Long-Term Results

We take a thought leadership approach to SEO, aligning our strategy with the philosophy driving Google’s algorithm updates. The results we achieve are built on insightful content that responds to search intent, rather than short-lived tactics like link building.

Omnichannel Support

SEO makes for an excellent marketing foundation, as the content created during the course of a campaign can be repackaged for other channels such as webinars or email marketing. Our team will identify opportunities our work creates so your team can take full advantage.

The Top SEO Firm in the US

We’re not just Houston’s largest dedicated SEO firm—we’re also the largest in the US. Our growth is a direct result of our focus on client success and our culture of excellence.

Working with the Top Houston SEO Agency

We begin campaigns with an in-depth onboarding process so we can create a strategy custom fit for your business. During onboarding, we:

  1. Interview you and your team, learning everything we can about your company and your most valuable audiences, as well as how your site stacks up compared to your major competitors
  2. Examine your site’s current health, finding and fixing any technical errors such as broken links or poor meta titles that would prevent your site from ranking more highly
  3. Create a 12-month SEO strategy targeting the most valuable keywords that are actively searched by prospective customers
  4. Implement analytics systems to track your rankings and websites’ conversions, so we can accurately report and iterate on results

After the onboarding period, we’re ready to move forward with the main part of our campaign. For each keyword in our strategy, our expert writers will create a fully original piece of thought leadership content that will secure a high ranking in Google’s search results. We publish this content twice each week, securing Google’s News Website Bonus, and by the end of a campaign, your website will be your company’s most valuable lead generation system.

If you’d like to know more about our services, reach out and schedule a call. We’d love to learn more about your business over coffee at Boomtown.