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Best SEO Agency on Long Island, NY

Only one website can obtain the top position on Google, and with it, the lion’s share of clickthroughs. While Long Island has no shortage of SEO agencies, only the best will be able to secure meaningful results in the competitive business landscape of New York.

At First Page Sage, we’ve spent over 12 years analyzing Google’s algorithm in order to  develop tailored SEO strategies for our clients, and our expertise has propelled us to become the best SEO agency on Long Island. We use a thought leadership-based approach with a focus on content quality to secure top search rankings for our clients increasing their organic traffic, conversion rates, and tuning their websites for customer acquisition.

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The Best SEO Firm on Long Island

The success we’ve achieved for our clients has allowed us to grow not just into the top SEO agency on Long Island , but also the largest in the entire US. We owe our growth directly to our culture of excellence.


While rankings and organic traffic are the most used indicators, they aren’t the ultimate goal of SEO. We regard our client’s ROI as the only true measure of SEO success.

Thought Leadership Content

Google increasingly emphasizes content quality, reserving the #1 position for the page that best matches searchers’ intent.  Our approach is to do just that: publish best-in-class thought leadership content for each keyword we target.

Increased Content Efficiency

The content we create can be repurposed for other customer acquisition channels and lead nurturing efforts such as email drip campaigns, LinkedIn articles, and webinars; providing increased return on your marketing spend.

Working with the Top Long Island SEO Agency

We’ve refined our process into a science, allowing us to customize our strategy to your exact needs. Our onboarding period begins with interviewing with you and your staff in order to learn everything we can about your product, what problems it solves for your customers, and your most valuable markets. The information we learn during onboarding informs who your most valuable search audience will be, so we can then evaluate your website’s current rankings in a customer acquisition context. Our tech team will then conduct a detailed analysis of your site, performing a full technical review and working with your team to resolve any issues that may prevent you from ranking more highly.

At the end of onboarding, we’ll create a 12-month SEO strategy and organized it into an editorial calendar that outlines the most commercially valuable keywords for your business. We prioritize keyword by its value to your business, analyze their search intents so that our writers and editors can ghostwrite a fully original piece of thought leadership content for each. After 4-6 weeks of regularly publishing this content on your website, Google will award your domain the News Website Bonus, leading to significant increases in search rankings and with it, organic traffic. Meanwhile, our content will nurture your visitors’ interest, pushing them further down the customer acquisition funnel. By the end of a campaign, your website will be your most valuable driver of new leads.

If you’d like to learn more about partnering with us for a campaign, reach out and schedule a call. We’d love to learn about your SEO needs over Zoom or meet for a coffee at Flux.