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Best SEO Agency in New York, NY

Founded in midtown Manhattan in 2009, First Page Sage has grown to become the largest SEO agency not just in New York, but the entire US. Over the years, we’ve navigated many Google Algorithm updates and evolved from focusing just on first-page search results to achieving excellent marketing and business outcomes for our clients.

Unlike other agencies that mainly offer technical SEO or standard content marketing, we place our focus squarely on creating thought leadership. Your position as an industry leader will be reflected in more than just the search results; it will be demonstrated by the high-level content on your website, leading to increased conversions, lowered CACs, and measurable ROI.

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We are motivated by our culture of excellence, and the results we achieve for our clients. We succeed when you grow, and thus our goals are always aligned.

ROI-Focused Approach

Search rankings and organic traffic are only leading indicators. We measure our success by actual ROI and leads generated for your sales team.

Long-Lasting Results

We eschew outdated techniques like linkbuilding. Instead, we create the best SEO content for each keyword we target, securing top Google results that will last for years.

Multi-Channel Content

Our thought leadership content can be strategically repurposed across your other marketing channels. We’ll identify these opportunities and help you execute on them, saving you valuable time and resources.

Working with the Top New York SEO Agency

Our campaigns begin with an in-depth onboarding process so we can build a customized strategy to target your exact industry and business goals. We’ll first interview you and your team, learning what sets you apart from your competitors. Our tech team will then take a deep dive into your website, analyzing how it compares to others in your search space, resolving any technical errors that they find on the way. Next, our strategists will build a 12-month editorial calendar that identifies most valuable keywords actively being searched by your prospective customers, and lay out exactly what kind of content best fits those keywords’ search intent.

We then move into the main phase of our campaign. Our content team will work with industry experts to create a fully original piece of thought leadership content for every keyword we target, conversion optimized for your prospective customers. By publishing this content on your website twice each week, we secure Google’s News Website Bonus leading to rapidly increasing SERPs. By the end of a campaign, we’ll have turned your website into your company’s most valuable lead generation system.

If you’re interested in learning more about our services, meet us for a coffee at Everyman or Sey, or schedule a Zoom call with our sales team. You can reach out here.