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Best SEO Agency in Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is home to many boutique SEO agencies that specialize in working with very small businesses, but relatively few that serve the many industrial businesses and B2B companies that make their home in Pennsylvania. As a result, many midsized and enterprise businesses look to national SEO firms, instead of choosing to work with a local company. Our firm bridges that divide.

At First Page Sage, we specialize in working with established B2B businesses with complex products, having spend 12 years studying on Google’s algorithm and becoming the top SEO agency in Philadelphia. Our approach emphasizes SEO for lead generation, rather than simply high search rankings, leading to high long term ROI.

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The US’s Leading SEO Firm

We’re not just the leading SEO firm in Philadelphia, but also the largest in the entire US. Our growth is directly tied to our results—we don’t consider ourselves successful without transforming our clients’ lead generation pipeline.


We’re only interested in high search rankings insofar as they generate real revenue for our clients. Our strategy identifies and prioritizes the most commercially valuable keywords for your business.

Expert-Written Content

Content creation is a key part of SEO, but the content most SEO firms deliver is average at best. We work with subject matter experts to create industry-leading thought leadership for your website that will build trust with your prospective customers.

Repackageable Content

Our expert content can be repackaged for other channels such as email, LinkedIn, and webinars, improving efficiency and lowering your marketing costs.

Working with the Top Philadelphia SEO Agency

When you reach out to us, we begin by interviewing you and your team to identify where we can make the most impact in your company’s marketing program. We interview you and your team to establish your product’s primary advantages, identify your most valuable prospects, and find the value proposition that will speak best to searchers on Google. Our strategy and tech teams then take a deep dive into your site, learning how it currently stacks up against your competitors and fixing any technical errors that may cause a Google penalty.

Next, one of our dedicated SEO strategists will create a customized marketing strategy that identifies the most valuable keywords actively being searched by leads in your most valuable target markets. For each of these keywords, our writers and editors will create an original piece of thought leadership content based on search intent analysis to secure a top spot in Google’s search results while converting readers. After regularly publishing this content on your website twice each week, we secure Google’s News Website Bonus. By the end of a full campaign, we want your website to be your sale’s team’s most valuable source of new leads, thereby lowering the average cost of each.

If you’d like to learn more about working with us, reach out and schedule a call. We’d love to learn about your SEO needs over Zoom or meet for a coffee at Ultimo.