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Best SEO Company in Sacramento, CA

Sacramento businesses seeking an SEO company will find that nearly all candidates are either small startups or solopreneurs, or full-service digital agencies. First Page Sage is the only “pure SEO” firm serving Sacramento, meaning it has limited its service offering to the organic process of helping its clients rank highly in Google’s natural search results.

The distinction of full-service vs specialist is an important one, and one that you should consider before hiring an SEO firm in Sacramento. If lead generation isn’t your main goal, but instead you’re seeking an all-in-one partner that can provide lots of marketing and advertising services, then we are not the right choice and you should return to the Google results.

If however, you are seeking the best of the best, a firm that divvies up the tasks of SEO among a team of 7 experts (covering thought leadershipcontent marketingconversion optimization, graphic design, and SEO strategy, among other areas), publishes content weekly on your company’s behalf, and measures its results in qualified lead generation rather than traditional SEO metrics, you should read on.

Here is what an SEO campaign with our Sacramento SEO company entails:

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Meticulous SEO Strategy, Handled For You

We begin each campaign by creating a table of your 50 most revenue-generating keywords, the correct page type for each keyword based on its search intent, and the content plan for that page that will make it the most valuable response to the keyword that’s been published online. This is not some auto-generated list; it takes our Strategy Department weeks to create, and lays the groundwork for domination of your industry.

Technical Expertise, Local to Sacramento

If you serve B2B clients, particularly if your field can get somewhat technical, that’s where we shine. We hire a subject matter expert for each new client relationship, allowing us to cover areas as complex as PCB manufacturing, Industrial IoT, and high net worth financial services.

If your firm is based in Sacramento but serves local areas like Vacaville, Stockton, Folsom, and Davis, we will create geotargeted pages with original content for each one.

In SEO, targeting is everything, and we have an attention to detail that, according to our clients, is hard to find.

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“News Site” Status With Google

It’s intuitive, but most marketers don’t act on it: Google’s algorithm favors news websites compared to commercial sites. What makes a website a “news site”? At least 2 pieces of original content published every week for 4-6 months. This fact is the basis for our Thought Leadership SEO service, which involves us ghostwriting 2 pieces on your firm’s behalf each week for a year. By the back half of that year, you’ll notice your traffic pointing up and to the right, and more importantly, your lead generation reaching new heights.

A Partner In Measurement, Reporting, and Attribution

SEO alone has little value. SEO tied to conversion is one of the highest ROI lead gen strategies available. You can only convert when you use data intelligently, which takes some technical know-how on the analytics, reporting, and marketing attribution sides. We do all of that for — or in partnership with — you so that you have the business intelligence to truly grow from our work together.


Now that you know a little bit about how we work, here are a few more reasons why we stand out among the field of SEO agencies serving the greater Sacramento area.

Trusted by the Big Guys:

We’ve had 25+ Fortune 1000 companies as clients, including Microsoft, Verizon, NBC, and US Bank. However, we specialize in working with small-to-midsize firms, in the $5m – $100m revenue range.

Part of Your Community:

Your Sacramento neighbors are our clients, and we’d be happy to give you local references. For years, we’ve been a regular part of lunch-and-learns, local CEO group talks (Vistage, YPO, and Convene), and company presentations in Sac itself, as well as Folsom, Elk Grove, and Rancho Cordova.

Happy Clients, Happy Employees:

As our 91% client renewal rate and 4+ star Glassdoor reviews testify, we deliver excellence and are a great company to partner with long term.

Working with a Sacramento SEO Company

If you’re interested in working with an SEO company that’s a part of the Sacramento business community, feel free to reach out. We’re always excited to answer any questions about SEO you may have, and develop a strategy tailored to your needs.