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Legal thought leadership is the art of creating best-in-class content on issues of interest to potential clients of law firms, then disseminating that content to industry publications. Effective thought leadership leads to higher web traffic, press features, and myriad other forms of exposure. Ultimately, thought leadership is one of the best ways for a law firm to obtain new cases.


Our company has been creating thought leadership content for law firms for more than six years. Using an ethical approach that blends journalism with SEO and PR, It has helped practices to grow their revenues many times over.

Clients have partnered with us to write about:

  • A white paper on the current state of cyber crimes and their prosecution
  • A guide to handling your legal affairs for victims of an accident
  • An industry-leading blog on the False Claims Act and qui tam actions
  • A trend report on big data’s advantages versus its potential threat to individual privacy
  • A quarterly report sharing a spectrum of legal perspectives on crowdfunding


We have found that our thought leadership content causes our clients to rank exceptionally well on Google. In fact, many marketing experts believe that thought leadership is the only effective way to practice SEO today. For law firms, this is a marked change from the way SEO was done in years past, which was a mixture of link networks, text links, and various other low-quality tactics. Thought leadership is a sustainable, above board approach that will work just as well in 2025 as it does in 2015.