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Manufacturing Company SEO Services

Manufacturing companies tend to rely on revenue streams from long term business relationships. When they need to generate new customers, traditional channels like RFPs and trade shows are the go-tos. However, new prospects for manufacturers are all online, and with the industry changing as quickly as it is, they’re researching the best ways to get their products made. That’s where a new type of marketing is needed: Thought Leadership + SEO.

An effective Thought Leadership + SEO strategy does 2 things: (1) It allows your company to rank for keywords that potential customers are searching, and (2) it positions your company as a leader in the industry. Expert-level content published on your website regularly tells both the potential customer and Google that your company isn’t just a manufacturing services business, but an innovator — a company that can solve the problems your customers were really seeking to solve in the first place.

Insurance companies that we’ve provided SEO services for include:


Manufacturing companies have partnered with us to create

  • Capabilities landing pages that showcase each of the services, tools, and methodologies used at the plant, such as CNC manufacturing and injection molding
  • Case studies describing the development of industrial components, including urethane molding and aluminum injection molding
  • Downloadable white papers containing in-depth information about manufacturing methodologies and industrial equipment uses
  • Custom infographics displaying the entire small scale industrial manufacturing process from start to completion
  • An FAQ page that answers visitors’ questions about short run industrial production and equipment troubleshooting

Our SEO clients compete with other manufacturing companies that are vying for the same new business, so the thought leadership content we ghostwrite for them must be better. In our world, “better” means that we respond compellingly to your potential customer’s needs when they go to Google researching a particular problem. To accomplish this, we not only hire writers that understand your manufacturing niche, but we pair them with editors who understand how to write content that is both interesting and converts new business.

Each piece focuses on a highly transactional keyword that business decision makers are likely to search for when they seek out a industrial contract manufacturer.

The content also pushes potential customers towards contacting your sales team via a strategic and natural call-to-action (CTA). Using a combination of traditional CTAs inside graphics and blended CTAs at the end of the page, we improve the page’s conversion rate and can even shorten sales cycles. Particularly with manufacturers, new customers expect specific, easy-to-access tables and charts that explain process, pricing model, and competitive advantage.

Manufacturing SEO ROI

Manufacturing companies are consistently among our clients with the best ROI for SEO services, averaging $1.8M / year in new, net revenue. Our clients have made a meaningful impact on the industry, manufacturing components and equipment for successful startups, Fortune 500 companies, medical researchers, and scientific studies.


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Other relevant SEO stats for Manufacturing Companies:

  • Average engagement rate: 68%
  • Average time on site: 00:03:37
  • Landing page conversion rate: 2.1%

Partnering with First Page Sage for Manufacturing Company SEO Services

At First Page Sage, we understand that an effective SEO strategy for a manufacturer is completely different from marketing for B2B SaaS or Industrial IoT companies. This is why we focus on creating high quality educational tools such as white pages for our manufacturing clients, and case studies that illustrate the benefits of working with them. By the end of our campaign, they’re recognized as the leading company in their field.

Our onboarding period begins by researching your company, your target market and audience, and identifying your primary competitors. We use our findings to build a comprehensive SEO strategy, which determines your most valuable keywords, establishes the appropriate tone to connect with your target audience, and outlines performance benchmarks for our campaign. We also take a deep dive into your existing website’s design, recommend technical and conversion rate optimization improvements, and implement tracking systems to quantify your campaign’s results.

Once onboarding is complete, we deliver 2 thought leadership content pieces each week and meet with you to report on campaign progress on conversions and the leads we’ve generated. Over time, the data from our analytics program will also allow us to further refine our strategy, leading to higher conversion rates the longer a campaign goes on. Each month, we will send you a report on KPIs, and each quarter, we will create a detailed report on search engine rankings, conversions, user engagement, and any other metrics you wish to track.

Many of our clients are in the SF Bay AreaSilicon Valley, and Oakland but we work with companies throughout the country. If you’re interested in learning more about partnering with us, contact us.