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SEO Services for Property Management Companies

At First Page Sage, we’ve been providing property management companies with industry leading SEO services for over 13 years. Our approach merges thought leadership content with SEO, using our understanding of searcher psychology to secure high Google rankings and produce long-term ROI for our clients.

Because of the slow-moving nature of the real estate industry, property management companies tend to experience long sales cycles as they develop trust with building owners and other potential clients. Because SEO produces warmer leads than other digital marketing channels, it shortens those sales cycles, leading to reduced customer acquisition costs.

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Property management companies have partnered with us to create:

A blog series on strategies and best practices for investing in residential real estate in the SF Bay Area

Guides to complying with Chicago’s Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance

A white paper on the growth of short-term rental platforms over the past 5 years, and its impact on rent prices in major cities

Resource hubs on rental property record keeping, including best practices, templates, and software recommendations

Property Management SEO ROI

Property management is one of our most successful client groups, averaging $1.9M per year in new, net revenue. Organic traffic results in high conversion rates and low CACs, leading to high overall ROI.

Property Management SEO ROI

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Other Relevant SEO Stats for Property Management Companies:

  • Average engagement rate: 60%
  • Average time on site: 3:10
  • Landing page conversion rate: 1.3%

Our Approach to Property Management SEO

Google regularly updates their algorithm in service of a simple goal: connecting searchers with the content that provides the best answer to the question implicit in their query. Our approach to property management SEO is to align our clients’ websites with this goal. In other words, we create content that directly targets the keywords property owners search when searching for a company to help manage their rental buildings.

We begin our campaigns with an in-depth research period, learning everything we can about your property management business and your ideal target market. We use this knowledge to build a detailed content publishing plan based on the Hub & Spoke model, outlining each topic area and commercially valuable keyword your prospective customers search. Our writers then work closely with our strategists, using search intent analysis to create the best SEO content for each keyword. After 4-6 months of regular publishing, your website will experience the News Website bonus, leading to an influx of new visitors, conversions, and leads for your sales team.